Trinity College High Achievement Award for Azra

Azra Hassan, one of our Leaving Cert class of 2020 was recently awarded an Entrance Exhibition Award by Trinity College Dublin. These awards were presented to students who achieved over 500 points in their Leaving Cert and is worth €1000 for each year of her studies. Azra is a Pres Girl through and through, having also attended Pres Primary, as indeed have her sisters.
Azra is studying Dentistry and says she likes her course and is enjoying it immensely. Her visits to the Dental Hospital are fascinating and she is really appreciative of all the help and support all the staff are giving to the each and every student. When Azra qualifies she hopes to specialise and maybe travel abroad to enhance her learning.
All here in Pres are wishing her all the very best and continued success in her studies.

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