Transition Year

Transition Year is a one-year programme which provides a bridge between Junior to Senior Cycle.

The Transition Year Programme is designed to provide a broad education experience aiming to foster maturity and aid future studies. At Presentation, there is a carefully devised and highly successful programme available for students. The programme is evaluated annually by teachers, participating students and their parents and improvements are made based on the feedback received.


Benefits of the programme


Personal Growth and Maturity

Transition Year provides students with a safe and supportive environment to explore their interests, strengths, and weaknesses. It fosters personal growth and helps students mature emotionally, mentally, and socially. During this time, students are encouraged to engage in self-discovery and develop a sense of responsibility and independence.


Enhanced Decision-Making Skills

Through hands-on experiences and various projects, students develop critical decision-making skills. They are exposed to real-life scenarios and challenges, which helps them become better equipped to make informed choices about their future career paths and educational pursuits.


Opportunity to Pursue New Interests

Transition Year encourages students to explore subjects beyond the core curriculum. It offers a wide range of optional modules, including creative arts, entrepreneurship, coding, sports, and community service. This exposure to diverse subjects allows students to discover new passions and potential career paths they might not have considered before.


Reduced Academic Pressure

The traditional Leaving Certificate curriculum can be demanding, and many students experience academic fatigue. Transition Year provides a welcome break from this pressure, allowing students to take a step back and recharge their minds. It can help increase overall academic performance in the subsequent years.


Experiential Learning and Practical Skills

Transition Year focuses on experiential learning, taking students out of the traditional classroom setting and into real-world situations. Through work experience, team-building activities, and community projects, students acquire practical skills such as communication, problem-solving, and leadership.


Career Exploration

One of the primary objectives of Transition Year is to expose students to different career options. They have the chance to engage with professionals, visit workplaces, and gain insights into various industries. This early exposure enables students to make informed decisions about their future career paths.


Enhanced Social Skills and Teamwork

Transition Year involves numerous group activities and projects, fostering teamwork and collaboration. By working together, students learn the value of cooperation and develop strong social skills, which are essential for success in both academic and professional environments.

Students engage in a series of 5-week modular activities which develop their breath of skills and experiences. The modules focus on key areas such as:

Personal Development

Food Science / Safety

Media & Communications


Horticulture / Environmental Science

Student Enterprise

Construction Studies

Sustainability / Green Schools

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