Student Mentoring Programme

Making the transition from Primary to Post primary school can be a somewhat difficult and stressful time for students. To support the transition Presentation has designed a unique ‘Tús Maith’ induction programme for our new entrants. The programme takes place over 5 days at the start of the new academic year and throughout the year at scheduled times.

The programme is coordinated by the 1st Year Head Ms. Sheila O’ Connell supported by the First-Year class teachers and the student mentoring team. The key objective of the programme is to support student to develop friendships, become a member of the Pres community, navigate with confidence their new school, school day, curriculum, extra-curricular activities along with the many opportunities which await them.

The Mentoring Programme is a leadership programme for Fifth Year students. Students are selected at interview.  Early in the month of August students who have been successful in their pursuit of becoming part of the student mentoring leadership programme participate in focused in-house training. This training ensures that all student leaders are skilled and suitable informed to oversee the programme. Through the training, students learn to identify needs in the school and to use their own initiative to respond in a construction solution focused way. The programme affords students an opportunity to grow in awareness of themselves, and in the needs of others. This programme is unique to Presentation. It has been designed to support new entrants to settle into their new school community, meet with and become comfortable with their new classmates and teachers. It also allows them to get to know their class teacher and learn about their school, its, layout, characteristic spirit, ethos and operational procedures. In addition to this they will develop the skills to face challenges along with becoming aware of the supports on hand if required. Over the first five days new entrants will be actively involved in group activities which will engage them in fun-filled activities developing their sense of connectedness, etc.

Each of the First-Year bases classes have assigned mentors who are tasked with checking in weekly with their assigned students to ensure students experience a smooth transition. However, it is important to realise that the senior management team, year head and school staff focus closely on First-Year students to ensure their transition is carefully supported.

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