Student Leadership Council

The promotion of student voice and leadership is a central focus of our school. In Presentation Tralee our students afforded the opportunity to engage in leadership through the Student Council and Student Mentoring Leadership Programme.

The student council is the heart of student voice. It is both a dynamic and democratic organisation that works for all students giving voice to student issues and concerns in a considered and effective way. The council is inclusive of all students as it opens its doors to all interested students and is aware of student needs and opinions. The function of the Council is to work in partnership with school management, BOM, staff and parents, give leadership and foster a good school spirit among the general student body. Members of the student council are democratically elected by their classmates and nominated by their teachers to represent the student body. On behalf of the student body, they voice their opinions, issues and concerns to teachers and school management. Such dialogue empowers students allowing them to truly have a voice informing the direction of the development of their school and educational environment. In Presentation, we are fortunate to have a dynamic, invested and engaged Student Council. The Student Council is assisted in its efforts by the Student Council Liaison Teacher Ms. Brid Prendiville.

2023/2024 Student Council Structure

- Represent the voice of the student body, listening to issues, problems and concerns
- To report on issues and council events at meetings
- Inform and engage in the development of school policies
- Liaise with the student council liaison, senior management, BOM and members of school staff
- Enhance wellbeing of students
- Motivate students to respect and promote school facilities
- Support development of a positive school environment
- Work with local and national community organisation
- Engage in charity and fundraising work for the school and community
- Funds raised for charities and school facilities on an annual basis
- Collaboration in the designing of school policies such as the code of behaviour, school trips, healthy eating, etc.
- Active involvement with school canteen, breakfast club, etc.
- Involvement in Wellbeing Week, Culture Week, Seachtaine na Gaeilge, etc
- Participation in consultation on school uniform and P.E uniform
- Regular meetings with school management on school and student issues, problems and concerns

Head Girls

These are significant student positions within the school. These positions are held by sixth year students who are elected following a rigorous process involving teacher nominations, voting by peers, etc. Once elected to the position the Head Girls represents not just the students, but the school community at large. Students successfully elected to these positions must be capable of fulfilling a variety of roles and responsibilities from modelling everyday routines and operational procedure, liaising with management and the BOM to meeting visiting guests and representing the student voice at school events.

Student Leadership Council Constitution

Meeting Minutes

Head Girls 2023/2024

Maiya Rivas McHugh
Maiya Rivas McHugh
Olivia Dillon
Olivia Dillon
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