Student Support Team

The Student Care team has a key focus on supporting the needs of students in our school community. This team meets weekly to identify student who may be encountering challenging times or difficulties and discuss possible supports which may be engaged to support and alleviate the challenges.  The team comprises of key staff members in your child’s school life, i.e. school counsellor, Principal/Deputy Principal, Year Head, SET co-ordinator and other key staff.

It is important to note that confidential support is given directly or indirectly to students who require it.

As a school we encourage students to seek support and to realise that you should not “be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. I do that every day. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength. It shows you have the courage to admit when you don’t know something, and then allows you to learn something new.” - Barack Obama, Quotemaster

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