Snap it Shut

Today over 60 of our 1st years visited the Green CBS as part of a joint initiative. The event was organised by the 1st year heads in both schools. It involved each student putting a phone/game console/remote or other device into a sealed envelope and agreeing not to use it for two weeks. When the girls arrived they were treated to light refreshments, courtesy of the School Breakfast Club. They were then joined by the 1st years boys and the process began. Each student handed over their devices to a group of TY students who put it in an envelope, sealed and stapled it securely and then returned it. Students will keep their sealed envelope safely and will return on Friday, March 29th for reopening. Mayor Norma Foley and Marc Ó Sé were on hand to launch the initiative. It is hoped that the students will see the effect of mobile device use and will be more aware of time spend on it in the future. “Disconnect to connect”

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