Reflecting on Service and Faith: Catholic Schools Week 2024

Catholic Schools Week is a time of joy, reflection, and celebration within our school community. The annual event, which this year runs from 21st to 27th January is not just a week on the calendar; it is a dedicated period where we come together to celebrate our shared values, faith, and the gift of Catholic education.

Each morning throughout this special week, our school community was greeted with a moment of reflection, as a student from each year group took to the intercom to share their thoughts on faith, education, and the importance of community. These brief reflections set the tone for the day, fostering a sense of purpose among students, teachers, and staff alike.

This year, Wednesday took on an extra special significance as the theme for the day revolved around the cornerstone of our lives – family. Our Head girls Olivia and Maiya took the lead during tutor time, inviting our school community to contemplate and appreciate the importance of family in our lives. To visually capture the essence of this theme, students across all year groups collaborated to create thoughtful displays in the social areas of the school. These displays contained personal reflections on the role of family, creating a visual tapestry that reflected the diversity within our school community.

As Catholic Schools Week reached its end, we concluded the week with a heartwarming prayer service on Friday. In a beautiful gesture of unity, our primary school students joined us for this spiritual gathering, fostering a connection between different levels of education within the Catholic community.

The Presentation Sisters, who have been integral to our school's history, kindly invited us to celebrate this event in their sacred space. the chapel in the convent, The prayer service was a touching and spiritually enriching experience, creating a bridge between the past, present, and future of our school community. It was a moment to express gratitude for the values instilled by our Catholic education and to renew our commitment to fostering a supportive and faith-filled environment.

As we move forward, let the spirit of Catholic Schools Week continue to inspire us to live out the teachings of our faith and foster a sense of harmony, love, and service within our school community.

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