Pres Tralee – Stronger Together

Our term plan including finishing times, assessment dates and student supports has now been communicated to all students. We have  written to all parents and the letters are available in the downloads section of this website. We have also created a new section for online forms under the policies  and downloads section of this website.

You r voice is extremely important to us. We have surveyed parents on a number of issues and the response from parents and teachers has been overwhelmingly positive. We currently have over 90% of our students engaging with our online learning. Staff and students deserve a real commendation for their hard work this term and last term. Our guidance, special needs, year head and student support teams are all working to support students and their families.

A number of staff are working to develop clear systems for how we work in a digital or blended learning model going forward and there are plans in place for works to ensure student safety whenever they return to the physical building for their schooling.

We are extremely proud of our Presentation heritage and  that cherished ethos has really been seen in the hard work and dedication of our staff and the resilience, diligence and kindness of our students. We would also like to thank you, the Parents/Guardians of our students,  for your kind words and emails, your patience and your support at all times but particularly over the recent past.


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