Pastoral Care

Presentation promotes an environment of compassion, respect and inclusivity which is constantly reinforced by our everyday relationships and encounters. As a school we endeavour to secure a respectful and safe environment whereby our students will be treated with kindness, respect and fairness and will be afforded the opportunity to navigate with confidence and excel both within and outside the classroom. It is our aim that when our students leave Presentation, each will be a confident, well-adjusted and fulfilled member of the wider community.

As a school we have invested to secure the development of a pastoral care programme which not only supports students’ academics but focuses to secure their individual personal, social and moral development.  Our programme includes:

Individual Class Teachers

The Class teacher has first line responsibility to engage directly with students to inspire, motivate and monitor their wellbeing and academic progress.

Base Class Teacher

Each base class is assigned a class teacher who works closely with students, teachers, year head, parent/ guardians to provide support and guidance for student’s wellbeing and academics.

Year Head

A Year Head is assigned to each Year Group. They have overall responsibility for working with Senior Management, Parents, Students and Teachers to lead, motivate and supporting the operational procedures, wellbeing and academic progression of the year group.

The Counselling & Guidance Team

The team provide a robust, supportive, inclusive and compassionate counselling service to students at both Junior and Senior Cycle levels. A caring and non-judgemental atmosphere is provided to help students cope with their individual circumstances and approach their lives with confidence providing the necessary resources and support to inform future career paths and third level educational directions.

The Student Care Team

The Student Care Team has a key focus on supporting students in our school who encounter personal difficulties and challenges which impact their overall wellbeing. This team comprises of key staff members in your child’s school life, i.e. school counsellor, Principal/Deputy Principal, Year Head, Guidance Counsellor and other key staff with a range of expertise. The team meet weekly to monitor and discuss possible supports to assist students experiencing difficulty.

Learning Support Team

The Learning Support Team provides learning support for those students with learning difficulties and learning disabilities to address their literacy, numeracy and accessing the curriculum needs. The team provide resource teaching for those with more specialised educational needs, to address their social, emotional, behavioural, and or physical and sensory needs to maximise their overall development.


Evening and Saturday Study is open to all students and takes place Monday to Friday (4pm to 6pm) and Saturday (10am to 4pm). This provides a structured and supportive environment to focus students’ academic endeavours.

Additional Pastoral Supports

  • First Year ‘Tus Maith’ Induction Programme
  • Student Mentoring Programme
  • Special Educational Needs / Additional Needs Team
  • Junior Cycle Subject Taster Programme
  • Book Rental Scheme
  • Breakfast Club
  • Lunchtime Activity Club
  • Evening Study
  • Student Leadership Council


Pastoral Care Team

Designated Liaison Person: Ms. Mairéad Finucane

Deputy Designated Liaison Person: Ms. Chrissie Kelly

Guidance Counsellors:

Ms. Mary Mulcahy

Ms. Brid Kissane

SET Co-ordinator:

Ms. Noirin Lynch


Student Care Team

Year Head Team:

1st Year- Ms. Sheila O’ Connell

2nd Year- Ms. Bernie O’ Connor

3rd Year- Ms. Elaine Dennehy

4th Year- Ms. Marion Cronin

5th Year- Ms. Caroline Foley

6th Year- Ms. Sandra Moore

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