Our Staff

Our teaching staff comprises a team of highly qualified professionals, who have vast experience in their respective subjects. Their passion for teaching is evident in the innovative methods they employ to engage students in the learning process. We understand that each student is unique, with distinct strengths and areas for growth.

Our teaching and support staff prioritise the well-being and success of our students above all else. We actively seek feedback from students and parents, adjusting as needed to ensure that our educational programs meet the evolving needs of our student body. By placing our students at the heart of our endeavours, we cultivate a positive and motivating learning environment.

Mairéad Finucane Chrissie Kelly
mfinucane@principal.prestralee.ie ckelly@prestralee.ie
Assistant Principals Category I
Elaine Dennehy Irish & Home Economics edennehy@prestralee.ie
Caroline Foley Maths & Science cfoley@prestralee.ie
Sandra Moore French & Business smoore@prestralee.ie
Sheila O'Connell English & History soconnell@prestralee.ie
Bernie O'Connor Home Economics & RE boconnor@prestralee.ie
Rita O'Donoghue Science & Applied Maths rodonoghue@prestralee.ie
Assistant Principals Category II
Laura Boyle Business
Yvonne Culloty Maths, Geography & Business
Gerard Fleming Irish & History
Noirín Lynch SEN, Irish & Music
Lorna O'Callaghan History & Religious Education
Brid Prendiville English & Religious Education
Caitríona Walsh English, History & Geography
Programmes Co-ordinator
Marion Cronin German
Guidance Counsellors
Bridin Kissane Geography & Career Guidance bkissane@prestralee.ie
Mary Mulcahy Career Guidance mmulcahy@prestralee.ie
Office Staff
Aileen Keane office@prestralee.ie
Pauline Kennelly pkennelly@prestralee.ie
Teaching Staff
Margaret Barry English, History & EAL
Doris Blackwell German
Patrycja Czarnoleska PE, Coding & Digital Media Literacy
Kay Galvin Maths & Science
Inez Jaeger English & Religious Education
Norah Kennedy Accounting & Business
Claire Kingston Home Economics & Science
Helena Madigan Maths & Science
Brenda Morgan Geography & English
Clodagh Musgrave Biology, Physics & Chemistry
Roisín Ní Bheaghlaoi Irish & Business
Evelyn O'Carroll Irish & Religious Education
Lillian O'Connor Business
Mo O'Connor Maths & Geography
Moira O'Connor Business & Maths
Frances O'Flanagan English & History
Joanna O'Flynn English & Irish
Catherine O'Mahony Maths & Science
Paddy O'Shea Graphics & DCG
Alan O'Sullivan Art & DCG
Lillie O'Sullivan Art
Ashlea Sheehy PE & Geography
Mary Twomey English & French
Special Needs Assistants
Rexhina Kongjoni Tricia Nolan
Klara Magee Sheila O'Neill
Colm O’Sullivan
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