Our School

At Presentation Tralee, we ignite a passionate curiosity within our students, fostering a vibrant spirit of exploration across the realms of academia, science, and the arts. Guided by our rich tradition of academic success and propelled by a commitment to progressive values, we aim to shape young women into leaders who will not only excel within our walls but also leave an indelible mark on their communities and the wider world.


Why Enrich Your Journey with Presentation Tralee?


Elevating Excellence in Education

Our student-centred approach embraces every facet of growth, nurturing intellectual, physical, cultural, moral, and spiritual dimensions.

Dedicated to cultivating an environment of exploration, our teachers inspire, challenge, and tailor guidance to each student's unique potential.

Through innovative and immersive curriculum experiences, we ignite a lifelong love for learning, empowering our students with the tools to flourish.


Championing Equality

Embracing diversity as our strength, we foster an atmosphere where all students are cherished, their voices respected, and their differences celebrated.

Guided by the principle of equitable treatment, we champion the importance of fairness and nurture global citizens who uphold justice and equality.


Fostering Community Engagement

Our vibrant school culture thrives on the active involvement of parents, creating a holistic learning journey that extends beyond the classroom.

Leveraging the collective wisdom of our extended community, we enrich education by tapping into local resources, fostering collaboration, and expanding horizons.


At Presentation Tralee, we don't just educate; we empower. Join us on a transformative journey that emboldens young women to illuminate the world with their intellect, compassion, and unyielding commitment to progress.


At Presentation Tralee, our paramount mission is to fuel an unwavering pursuit of excellence that resonates through every facet of life. With a legacy steeped in academic triumph, we empower our students to envision boundless possibilities and embrace the transformative power of relentless aspiration.


Why Choose Presentation Tralee?


Unleashing Multidimensional Excellence

Our holistic approach develops students who are well-rounded individuals, nurturing not only their intellect but also their physical, cultural, moral, and spiritual dimensions.

Driven by a faculty of highly committed teachers, we inspire students to surpass their own expectations, fostering a culture of self-discovery and mastery.


A Beacon of Motivation

Embarking on a journey with Presentation Tralee means emboldening yourself to strive for greatness in every endeavour. Our innovative curriculum ignites the spark of passion, fuelling a lifelong love for learning and achievement.


Elevating Community and Global Impact

Rooted in the spirit of unity and inclusivity, our school is a haven where all are valued, contributing to a tapestry of shared knowledge and mutual respect.

By kindling the flames of equality and justice, we prepare our students to be torchbearers of positive change, making a profound impact on both local and global stages.

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