Our Mission


Co-operation, Respect & Understanding

Presentation Secondary School is a school community in its truest sense, where all individuals have the opportunity to develop their abilities and reach their potential in a caring and happy environment.  A spirit of co-operation, respect and understanding is encouraged between staff, students, parents and management. Through nurturing human relations in our school community we foster self-esteem in each individual. We recognise the importance of the development of the whole person and nurture their intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical development.


Academic Excellence

Presentation has a proven record of academic achievement and our school continues to foster an educational tradition of excellence. We prioritise learning and teaching in a supportive environment which meets the needs of all our learners. Our teachers work hard to ensure all students achieve success and as educators we aim to inspire them to fulfil their potential.


Holistic Education

We are inspired by the educational vision of Nano Nagle and the Presentation congregation. Our Catholic ethos underpins all of what we do in the school. We offer a holistic education which is inclusive and respectful of diversity. Each student is a valued member of our school.  When they leave Presentation, each student will be a confident, well-adjusted and fulfilled member of the wider community.

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