Letter from the Principal to Students and their Families

To the students and parents/guardians of Presentation Secondary School Tralee.


Hi All,

I hope that you are well and that you are enjoying your Easter break. I am sure that you are aware that the following arrangements were announced by the Government yesterday.

Our school will remain closed until at least the 5th May and possibly longer depending on the medical situation.  As you know your teachers put a plan in place for your work over the past term  -we will now put a plan in place for the last term that can be worked whether we are in or out of school for some or all of the term.

Part of that plan is that you take a complete break over the Easter holidays. On Monday 20th April your teachers will work remotely to finalise our term plan. On that day you will gather your materials, set your workspace and finish any work or ‘catch up’ that you need to do. You will resume classes on Tuesday 21st April and at that time the term plan for each subject will be explained to you.

It has already been explained to you that your task sheets and your homework will together determine your final grade – so it’s really important that you keep up with your work, homework and tasks in the next term.

For students in 3rd yr, your exams will not take place in June and your year grade will be determined by your work and possibly exams in September – it is therefore vital that you keep up with your work and assignments.

For 6th yr students, your exams will not now occur in June 2020 and as things stand it is hoped that they will take place instead in late July/August 2020. It is hoped that the school will be open for classes in July for a period of 2 weeks to allow you time to work with your teachers. Medical concerns permitting, a new LC exam timetable will be issued in June allowing for a degree of certainty. Your practical exam components will also be postponed until that time in July/August.

While yesterday’s announcements have given some clarity, I know that many of you still have questions. I wish I had answers for those questions, but I don’t at this time.

There are two things I am definite about however, the  first is that you are now on a marathon path rather than in the finishing straight – for this reason I am asking all of you to take a complete break from the books until Monday 20th April. On that day, I am asking you to gather your materials, set your workspace and finish any work or ‘catch up’ that you need to do. On Tuesday 21st you will resume working with your teachers and we will set out our work plan for the following 10-12 weeks for each subject.

The second thing that I am sure of, is that your teachers have your best interests at heart. We will work on a term plan for you, we will work to ensure you are as well prepared as you can be and that you get over the line in the best shape possible.

Please remember that every single student sitting their Leaving Cert this year is facing the same challenges – you will be ok don’t forget that. In the meantime, enjoy your break.

I have placed the press release from yesterday in the downloads section of our website if you wish to have a look at it

So on behalf of Ms. Kelly and myself, take time over Easter to rest and relax and recharge for the weeks to come and we wish all of you and all of those that you love,  good health and peace this Easter.

Is mise le meas,

Mary Kennelly


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