Keep learning…you’re doing great so far.

Hi All,
I understand that working from home can be hard, especially when we are not sure when we will be returning to school but all the work you do now will stand you in good stead.
When we do get back to school we will have to concentrate on teaching time – so the good news is that your end of year exams will take a different shape this year.
Your teachers will be marking you based on the work you do for them during the period that we are off school – so it is really important that you do your best and stay motivated!
I know we are living in strange times and that you have a lot of worries. The most important things you can do are the simple things – wash your hands regularly, be careful when you cough or sneeze, and practice social distancing. unfortunately this means no large gatherings with your friends.
But working together, this challenge will pass, things will go back to normal and school will reopen – so please stick with your remote learning – it will be worth it.
Know that your teachers, Mrs Kelly and I are here to help anytime you need us.
I wish you and all the people that you love good health and safety.
Mrs K.
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