History News- Flag Day

Thomas Francis Meagher first flew our national flag, the tricolour in Waterford in 1848. He was inspired by the creation of the French Republic and when he returned from a visit to France, he presented the Irish people with a tricolour flag, representing the green of Nationalism, the orange of Unionism and the white in the centre, signifying the peace that he and the Young Irelanders wished to develop between the two traditions on our island.


Presentation Secondary School are proud to be affiliated to the TF Meagher Foundation which seeks to teach our young people the true meaning behind our national flag. The Foundation seeks to inspire acts of citizenship under the unifying banner of the tricolour.


To celebrate Flag Day 2019, the Fifth Year History students collected 266 euros for Inspired, a local non profit organisation that gives support to young people with intellectual disabilities in our town. The 5th Year students were demonstrating real commitment to citizenship by helping other young people who overcome challenges everyday with great dignity. This is the second year that we have supported Inspired and we are glad to maintain our connection with this worthy organisation.

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