Here in Pres Tralee, we ❤ sports!

In Presentation Tralee, we offer our students many opportunities to get involved in sports! Sport is really encouraged and if students want to set up a team for the sport they play, we do our best to set up competitions.

Our students play competitively in more than 10 sports throughout the year. We look to support local clubs in order to keep the students interested and have fun both in school and out! Beginners are encouraged in all year groups. This year there have been 4 sets of new jerseys provided to the students and they always represent the school with pride!

Gaelic Football:

Pres Tralee has been represented very well this year by our football team with leagues before and after Christmas. We have students from all local clubs, which make our football team so great!


Pres Tralee are the only winners of the Kerry Development Blitzes! We have been champions 3 times in a row. Camogie has been promoted so well in Kerry due to the local clubs who we work with. The craic is mighty, we are camogie mad!


Basketball has a long and successful history in our school. New jerseys and rebranding of the ‘Pres Panther’ has inspired the girls to train hard. Beginners are always welcome and local clubs have provided us with experienced players also.


All year the Badminton Club runs in the school for all abilities. Students are then picked to represent the school in the Kerry School’s Badminton which take place in Killarney. A great day out for all that always bring back medals. For those not picked, we have an invitational tournament with another school. Everyone can play!


We have a junior soccer team this year who train hard and have great fun! These juniors will progress to senior level for the school. A great start for these students!

Spike ball:

Everyone in Pres Tralee loves spike ball! One of the many reasons it is a firm favourite here at Pres is because everyone is able to play and get loads of time on the ball. We plan on entering the 1st Year League next year!


During the school year, there is several swimming meets. Our students show their interest and the school will proudly sign them up. We are very pleased for our students to represent the school.

Athletics Track & Field/Cross Country

Pres Tralee has had many achievements in the past with athletics and cross country. We have gold National Cross Country champions, Munster 100m gold medalists and we always bring medals back from the North Munster's! Everyone is encouraged to take part.


New to Pres we will have a student team representing Pres at the Munster Schools Girls Qualifier this year! Another sport started and promoted in Pres.


We are delighted that our students are such avid sports people. We encourage all students to get involved in something or everything! Sports is a great way to learn new skills, meet new friends and have some fun!

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