Fundraising for India

Over € 1800 was raised last week from our "No Uniform Day" and a few very generous donations. We are so glad to be able to support The Edith Wilkins Street Children  Foundation in India and our wonderful past pupil, Catherine Canavan.  We got the following message of today

At the moment, the current exchange rate from euro to rupee is at about 89rupee = 1Euro and so your wonderful school has raised roughly 141,217.60 Indian rupee in aid of our Foundation.

 For the price equivalent of roughly €5 our team in India can buy:

 1 Covid relief package containing:

  • Medicated body soap, Cloth washing powder and soap, hand sanitizer, toothpaste,
  • 41 sanitary towels, Floor sanitizer, and tissue papers.

1 Covid Food Package containing:

  • Rice, lentils, oil, Chana (Bengal gram), Mattar, Aata (whole wheat flour), Maida (refined flour), Biscuits, Sugar, Salt, Tea, Milk, Noodles, and Soya Nuggets.

You can let your students know that the price of one of our emergency Covid food packages is roughly converted to €3.10 and the price of our emergency Covid sanitisation relief package works out at about €2.30 per package. Therefore, €5 will buy one family in the slums an Emergency Food Package and a Covid Relief package that will last them approximately two weeks. As you can see, even a small donation will go a long way!

 Currently our team is working tirelessly to prepare and distribute these packages to roughly 750 families (approx. 3,000 people) in the slums area of the Darjeeling district. The money raised by your school will go towards funding these emergency covid packages.

I’ve attached a few pictures from the past two weeks of the preparation and distribution of the above-mentioned relief packages. Thanks to your school's generous donation we will be able to continue giving these desperately needed packages to the kids in our care, the families of the children we have rehabilitated home, and the most vulnerable families in the slum area of Darjeeling. I have also included a few additional pictures of the children at our foundation, one in our classroom doing their morning stretches, and one in our yard doing a warm up with circus performers who come annually via an NGO, Performers without Borders, to teach fun tricks to the children at the foundation, additionally I have included another picture of a few of the girls performing a dance they learnt on the celebration of foundation day.

Thank you so much to you and all the students and teachers at Pres Tralee for choosing to fundraise for the EWSCF. Both our team in Ireland and in India really appreciate the support and can't thank you enough.

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