Every Mind Matters Week

From the 1st to 5th of March 1st Year class group 1C held ‘Every Mind Matters Week’. This week was named and coordinatedtotally by 1C as part of their involvement in the Young Social Innovators program. They began planning before the Christmas break and picked their focus as ‘Spreading positivity and joy throughout our School’. 1C acknowledged the importance of mental health especially during the pandemic so also focused on increasing awareness of what it is and how to mind it through self-care.

As plans were in place to carry out the week in the school building. 1C swiftly adapted the week to an online event. The week involved the following:

A survey focused on wellbeing was sent out to every student
A positive quote was sent every day to all students
Breathing exercises and relaxing music to reduce stress was played during classes
A happy and uplifting song was sent to all students to add to a playlist
1st Years were provided with a workshop by Jigsaw the Friday focused on mental health, the stresses that 12-19 year olds are under and how to deal with these positively

The week was an overall success! Well done to 1C on the planning and implementation. They should be very proud of themselves as this week really spread positivity and joy while also being full of worthwhile learning on how to deal with times like these.

Thank you to Ms. Foley, Ms. O Connell and Ms. Dennehy for helping plan the week. Also, thanks to the teachers who supervised the workshop. Thank you to Jigsaw for providing the workshop.

The biggest thank you goes to the class of 1C, who really showed us that ‘Every Mind Matters’.

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