Every Day Counts

The National Educational Welfare Board (NEWB), The Department of Education and Science (DES) and Tusla have launched a National Campaign called ‘Every Day Counts’.

Presentation Secondary School has signed up to be part of this project. For the month of November, we are asking all students to be present at school each day, for the full day.

There is a well-established link between student absenteeism and early school dropout and failure to succeed in state examinations.


“When it comes to education, we are all aware that consistent school attendance is central to students reaching their educational potential. Tusla EWS plans to launch a national ‘Every School Day Counts’ campaign this November, to highlight the importance of children attending school every day. At the moment there are over 920,000 students attending school in Ireland and almost 60,000 (over 6%) of student’s miss school every day. While some absences are unavoidable due to illnesses etc., we believe that all of society has a crucial role to play in promoting school attendance to provide better educational outcomes for children and young people.” TUSLA


We are asking for your support in the following ways;

  • Please send your daughter to school each day of November and check VSware regularly to monitor their attendance.
  • Please try to arrange appointments for after school or at the weekends to avoid your daughter missing school time.
  • If your daughter is missing from school, you must send a note on the first day of her return.
  • Students can only be signed out from school by a parent or guardian. For any other arrangements parents/guardians must contact the school in advance.
  • If students present late to school, they must have a note explaining their absence signed by a parent or guardian before they sign in to the school.


Any absences, for whatever reason, where students are not signed out by a designated adult or by prior alternative arrangement with the school, is recorded as an absence and dealt with as a truancy.

We will be focusing on the importance of good school attendance for the month with a variety of activities and events. Students who have full attendance for the month of November will be entered into a draw to win a voucher from CH Chemists worth €100! Thank you for your support.


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