Empowering Future Leaders: Dream Space Programme Celebrates Student Achievements

Nine TY students participated in the Dream Space Programme for the first time this academic year representing our commitment to fostering an innovative learning environment. This initiative has not only equipped our students with cutting-edge STEM skills but has also bridged the generational gap through the sharing of knowledge with the wider school community.

These remarkable young women: Ciara, Ellie, Tieanna, Brid, Lily, Caitlin, Faith, Milena, and Roisin truly exemplified what it means to be ambassadors of the Dream Space Programme. Their ability to communicate complex ideas with clarity was nothing short of inspiring.

A highlight of the programme was the "Older Wiser Learner" event, which epitomized the spirit of communal learning. The girls invited senior members of our community to join us for a morning filled with warmth, coffee, and enlightening conversations. The focus was on empowering our guests with knowledge about cyber safety and scam awareness, a testament to our dedication to lifelong learning.

The impact of this event was profoundly felt by the participants. One attendee shared, "I was amazed at the vast knowledge and wonderful confidence of the students who presented. It was most informative and helpful, especially for older people who may not have young people near at hand to advise about scams on the internet. It should be done in every town in the country."

Another senior guest expressed their gratitude, stating, "Can I take this opportunity to congratulate you all on the Microsoft Dream-space OWL occasion that you hosted in Presentation Secondary on Friday, 12th April '24. I can only begin to imagine the time, training, and organisation that went into preparing such a successful event. 'Teaching 'owl' dogs new tricks was always going to be a challenge, but I certainly departed on the day more informed, less afraid, and increasingly aware of both the risks and the protections out there.

"My greatest 'takeaway' from the day, however, was the calibre of your students. Each and every one of them has a welcoming smile, a lovely delivery, and a patient heart. The sincerity of their efforts and genuine desire to help and inform the assembled group was clear to all. Each one of the girls (including the hospitality team!) - and all of you at teacher/mentor and management levels (and doubtless all of those whom I have failed to mention) can be incredibly proud of both the students and the initiative itself. I would hope that this training will roll out throughout the country to the other OWLS out there to be received from equally as kind and compassionate students as yours."

Their journey culminated in a momentous occasion on the 16th of May at Microsoft HQ in Dublin, where they were honoured with the Platinum Level Dream Space Ambassador Award. This accolade was a recognition of their exceptional STEM capabilities and their mastery of 21st-century learning skills.

As we reflect on the success of the Dream Space Programme, we are filled with pride and optimism. Our students have shown that with the right opportunities and guidance, they can become leaders who not only excel academically but also contribute meaningfully to society.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our Dream Space ambassadors.

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