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Presentation Tralee is a Microsoft school. We utilise the Microsoft Office 365 as our online learning platform.

Microsoft Office 365 was introduced to our teaching staff in September 2016 and to our students in December 2018 as a significant step in the development of eLearning in Presentation Tralee.

Staff can avail of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) on Office 365 from a combination of the PDST (Professional Development Service for Teachers), external providers (like Wriggle & Tara 365 Learning) and internal support from the Digital Team through Croke Park hours & during lunchtimes.

Teachers are committed to a Blended Learning approach going forward.  This involves combining traditional classroom-based teaching, learning & assessment with the use of Office 365 features such as Teams, Class Notebook, OneDrive & Outlook, among others.

Students have unique Usernames & Passwords that allow them to access the suite of Microsoft Office 365 apps (above) as well as traditional software elements like Word, Excel & PowerPoint.

Sample Username= studentidnumber@student.prestralee.ie

Usernames and passwords are issued to students by the IT Co-ordinator. If a student forgets their password, they should contact the IT department who will issue a new password.

Accessing Office 365

Click on the Office365 link on the school website and Sign in.

Enter username and password.

Picture 1

We encourage our students to Download the appropriate Applications that they can access using the same Log In details above.

Such Apps are available through the App store, such as Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple), include:





A comprehensive user guide for Microsoft Office 365 is available to all students on their Year Group Team & on the IT Support for Students Team.

We urge all parents / guardians to be proactive regarding your daughter’s/ daughters’ ability to access Office 365 from a phone &/or laptop / tablet to make sure they are engaging with their teachers as required.

Teachers can & will flag students who are not engaging on Office 365, as they can monitor Engagement from their respective Teams & other features.

Should there be any difficulties in this regard, we request that you have your student speak to their IT Teacher / Class Tutor / Year Head.

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