Cultural Youth Exchange by Anisha Flynn 1st Year

I was selected to represent Ireland on a Cultural Youth Exchange that took place in Kanus, Lithuania from the 04/11/2018 to the 11/11/2018.

This was a Youth exchange with 49 young people from Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania and the UK. In this project young people from different countries design, prepare and carry out a work programe which includes a mix of debates, workshops, role plays, simulations and outdoor activities. The main aim of this exchange is to allow and develop competences and become aware of socially relevant topics and to discover new cultures and strengthen values like, solidarity, democracy, etc.

Erasmus + is the European Unions programe and funded by the EU themselves for boosting skills and employability through activities organized in the field of education, training, Youth and sport. I was lucky to be selected on this Erasmus+ Ikkaido project. To improve my competences, skills and employability in the years to come.

My mother encouraged me and supported all through the project and I thoroughly enjoyed every day with various icebreakers, physical activity, communications, self identity, social media and community identity sessions. We also learned various self defense skills which I quite enjoyed. There was group discussions on current situations and new challenges and issues that encompass the Youth of today.

I had a fantastic time and because of my good initiative and participation I have been invited to Oxford in the UK for a similar project. I am excited to be selected for the next leg of this project in Oxford 2019.

I hope this information is helpful to you and I am proud to be a student of the Presentation Secondary School , Tralee.

Yours sincerely

Anisha Flynn

Class 1B

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