Creative Arts

All students in Presentation are encouraged to develop their creative side and to explore new opportunities.


The school choir perform at and enhance a number of school occasions throughout the year, school mass, open night, Christmas market, graduations and other events.

Pres Talks-School Podcasting

Pres Talks is a ground breaking podcasting module created by students, for students. In a world where every voice deserves to be heard, Pres Talks offers a dynamic platform for the emerging leaders of tomorrow. Whether students are passionate about social justice, academics, arts, or simply want to share their unique perspective, our podcast module provides the perfect forum for expression and discussion.
The module is designed to empower students from all backgrounds and interests to become confident, articulate, and influential communicators. Learning the art of storytelling, audio production, and interview techniques from expert teachers and fellow students who have already found their voice students discover how to craft compelling narratives and ignite thought-provoking conversations.
In Pres, we believe in the transformative power of dialogue and the importance of fostering a vibrant community. By participating in this module, students develop valuable skills and become a part of a supportive network of student podcasters, all dedicated to amplifying the voices of their peers. Students who participate in this module showcase their talents and production by entertaining our school community in the social areas during recreational times.

Legacy of Literature: Young Voices for Timeless Tales

This remarkable initiative by our TY students, in collaboration with Radio Kerry, resulted in the girls sharing beloved short stories with the elderly in our community. A selection of classic and modern tales are read by these talented students, providing a rich auditory experience for listeners.
Mary Fagin of Radio Kerry generously partnered with us, offering the girls a prime slot on her Horizons programme for these stories to reach their intended audience.
Listen to the girls reading their stories below:

School Musical

In 2022, we reintroduced the school musical staging a full-scale musical production called The Magic of the Musicals. In 2023, we extended the musical beyond TY students and again produced a highly successful show which due to popular demand ran over two nights. We expect that the school musical will continue to go from strength to strength showcasing the abilities and talents of our student body.

Texaco Children's Art Competition

Presentation has a proud tradition of success in the Texaco Children's Art competition currently in its 70th year. This competition is the longest-running sponsorship in the history of arts sponsoring dating back to the very first competition held in 1955. It has been a platform on which young artists have their talents recognised and their creativity commended.

Our most recent success in this competition  came from a third  year student Siqi who won a Special Merit Award for her entry which was noted as having ‘demonstrated high levels of skill and imagination’.

Poetry Aloud

Poetry Aloud is a prestigious annual event that celebrates the art of spoken word. Participants recite classic and contemporary poems with passion and emotion, showcasing their interpretation and delivery skills. The competition fosters a love for poetry and provides a platform for talented voices to shine.


Junk Kouture

Junk Kouture is a fashion competition whereby students design and create fashion items using recycled material. Transition Year students have the option to select this module as part of our co-operation scheme.

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