Ceiliuradh CEIST Celebrations

Today, we celebrated Ceiliuradh CEIST. The theme for this year’s celebration was ‘Home, School and Parish – Working together.

We, in Presentation Secondary School, Tralee are proud to continue in the tradition of education established by the Venerable Nano Nagle in the 18th century. Her mission was to set up schools for all, but especially the poor and the marginalised so that they could lead better, fuller lives. It was a mission based on compassion and respect for the dignity of every human person. 350 years later, Nano’s vision lives on in everything we do and hope to achieve here in Pres. Tralee. Her vision continues also in the work being done by CEIST, the trustees who oversee and guide the work we do here as a community. As students in this CEIST school, we are taught to search for the truth, to fight for justice, to strive for excellence and to find the goodness within ourselves and within our friends, family, classmates, teachers, school leaders and the people of our local community and beyond.

As we gather today, we light this commemorative candle as a symbol of the light of Christ in our lives. We light it also to mark the guiding, supportive role played by CEIST in helping us to live out the message of the Gospel and the vision of Nano Nagle.

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