Barcelona 2024

Day 1:
Our adventure began in Tralee, where we gathered in excitement for our journey to Barcelona. With the clock striking midnight, we bid farewell to Tralee and made our way to Dublin Airport and took flight to Barcelona.
Arriving in Barcelona, the girls were buzzing with anticipation. The bustle of Las Ramblas welcomed us with open arms, beckoning us to delve into its vibrant markets and side streets and to soak in the atmosphere.
As the day waned into evening, a guided walking tour awaited us of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Stepping back in time, we walked the quarter’s cobblestone streets, steeped in history, and discovered the charm of its streets, squares, hidden corners, and hundred-year-old buildings.

Yet, our adventure did not end there. With spirits high, we indulged in some retail therapy at Maremagnum Shopping Centre. Tired but happy, we headed back to our accommodation for a good night's rest, eager for the adventures that awaited us in the coming days.

Day 2:
Rising early to the promise of another day filled with wonder, we gathered for breakfast at 8 am, before heading for the Moco Museum. This contemporary Art Museum is nestled within the striking Cervelló Palace in the vibrant El Born district. The walls adorned with the works of renowned street artist Banksy, and up-coming artists such as David LaChapelle, Harland Miller, Julian Opie, and Takashi Murakami captured our imaginations. The art within these walls spoke volumes, igniting wonderful conversations among the girls.

We bid farewell to Moco Museum, we made our way to Casa Míla, eager to witness the genius of Antoni Gaudi firsthand. The detail in Gaudi’s apartments, from intricate mosaics to towering spires, and whimsical chimneys spoke of a mind ahead of its time. The girls enjoyed the stunning roof-top views of the city.
The evening drew to a close as we enjoyed a little more retail therapy followed by some bowling, before returning to our accommodation for another good night’s rest!!

Day 3:
Fueled and ready for adventure, we hopped on the metro and set our sights on the Science Museum. Hours flew by as we immersed ourselves in the wonders of science and technology, amazed by interactive exhibits and engaging displays. From the mysteries of the cosmos to the marvels of the natural world, there was something to captivate every mind!

From here, we took a quick metro trip to visit the Sagrada Familia before continuing on to the next activity….
We were eager to delve deeper into the cultural tapestry of Barcelona and therefore embarked on a flamenco dance lesson, where we learnt a few words of Spanish, the rhythm of the dance and its steps. This dance lesson was filled with an abundance of laughter and pure enjoyment, making it an incredibly memorable experience for all of us.

We returned to Las Ramblas that evening to savour the final moments of the bustling street's lively atmosphere before heading back to our accommodation to pack our belongings. ☹ ☹

Day 4:
On our last morning, we woke up early for breakfast and then headed to the beach to soak in the last few rays of sunshine. From here, we got a 1-hour boat tour of the harbour and witnessed breathtaking views of Barcelona and its coastline.
With heavy hearts, we returned to our hotel to gather our belongings and made our way back to Barcelona Airport.
It's with a heart full of gratitude and fond memories that we reflect on our incredible school tour to Barcelona. From the bustling streets of Las Ramblas to the incredible museums, each moment was filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable experiences.

Thank you, Barcelona, for the memories!!!

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