Policy Statement

We are a Voluntary Catholic Secondary School under the trusteeship of the CEIST, focusing on the importance of a value-based Christian education in the Catholic tradition.

Enrolment to Presentation Secondary School Tralee is always on the basis that Students and their parents have read and agreed to uphold the school’s Code of Behaviour and the School Mission Statement and Ethos. Admission to the school is governed by the full school Admissions Policy which can be obtained from the school office and from the school website.


Admissions Ethos

Our school will endeavour to educate our students so that as emerging adults they can participate fully in community and family life, work and leisure.

The Board of Management of Presentation Secondary School Tralee while formulating this policy has shown due regard to the provisions of the Education Act 1998, The Education Welfare Act 2000, the important role played by the patrons of our school in its daily life and the religious and educational philosophy of CEIST and Nano Nagle.

Having due regard to the above the Board through its Admissions Policy supports the principles of:

Inclusiveness, particularly in relation to the enrolment of pupils with special needs and disadvantage, subject to adequate resources being available to the school.

Equality of access and participation in the school.

Parental choice, in relation to enrolments while at the same time having due regard to the characteristic spirit of the school

Respect for diversity of traditions, values, languages and ways of life in society.


School Resources

Implementation of the school plan and policy must have due regard to the resources and funding available in the school. This funding is dependant upon Department of Education and Skills grants, Teacher allocation, local fundraising and voluntary contributions by parents. Places can only be offered to students where sufficient resources are available.


School Curriculum

The curriculum offered by Presentation Secondary School Tralee is governed by regulations as stipulated by the DES, which may be amended in accordance with sections 9 and 30 of the Education Act 1998.

School Policy must have due regard to the resources and funding available. The B.O.M. reserves the right in consultation with the patrons to alter services offered by the school in line with available resources. 


School Details

Presentation Secondary School Tralee is a voluntary Roman Catholic school, under the trusteeship of the CEIST. Our school is grant aided by the Department of Education and is a single sex (girls) school.


Application Process & Procedures

Due to changing circumstances the B.O.M. reserves the right to change any of the dates and procedures as outlined below.

In September/October before entry, the Principal or other representatives of Presentation Secondary School Tralee will visit feeder schools to inform prospective students about our school and invite students to our Open Night.

In October/November before entry, Presentation Secondary School Tralee will host an Open Night for prospective students. Parents and Students are encouraged to avail of this opportunity to see first-hand the facilities available and speak to teachers and management.

Application Forms are available from the school during primary school visits, the School Open Night, our website or upon request.

Information regarding enrolling a girl in Presentation Secondary School Tralee may be obtained at any stage by contacting the Secretary at the School – Phone Number: 066 – 7122737

Places are offered on the basis of the school’s admissions policy, must be accepted in writing before the specified closing date and must be returned to the school along with a completed enrolment form.

Entrance assessments will be held in March/April for students who are enrolled for the following school year. These screening tests are not used for streaming but to facilitate planning to meet students learning needs.

Parents may contact the school office and arrange a meeting with the Principal if required.

Admission Dates for 2024/2025 Academic Year:

  • 8/10/24- Admission Portal open
  • 12/10/24- Open Day
  • 15/11/24-Closing Date Admissions
  • 18/11/24- Offers to Parents/ Guardians
  • 4/12/24- Deadline Re: Acceptance of Place Offering

Decision Making Process

Final responsibility for decisions in relation to the enrolment of students in Presentation Secondary School Tralee rests with the Board of Management of the school in accordance with school policy, the Education Act 1998, the Education Welfare Act 2000 and the Equal Status Act.

Parents will be notified of the final decision in relation to enrolment upon receipt of all requested relevant information as prescribed by the Board of Management and the Minister for Education and Science, under the Education Welfare Act 2000.

The Board reserves the right to exercise its discretion and will at all times adhere to the guiding ethos of CEIST in caring for the disadvantaged of society.

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