Additional Registration Process for Calculated Grades Process

Hello to our 6th yr of 2019-2020
I hope the summer is treating you well.  Try not to get to distracted or stressed by the delay in the results, remember it will be at the same time for every student in the country and so you can be at no disadvantage at all.
In the meantime the Department have sent on the following important message for your attention.

‘the Calculated Students Portal will open at 12am on Monday 20 July and close at 4pm Monday 27 July to allow LC and LCA (Year 1 & 2) students to opt to receive Calculated Grades.’

Please make sure you go to the portal and do a final registration. Please note this is a second part of the process you completed in June and all students wishing to receive calculated grades must register again.

I wish you all the best of luck in the Leaving Cert and in your future careers. Enjoy the rest of your time off.

Mrs K
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