2L CSPE Awareness Campaign for 22Q11

2L CSPE class have started an Awareness Raising Campaign to highlight a condition known as 22q11 Deletion syndrome. This is a complex condition with over 180 different symptoms caused by a micro-deletion on the 22nd chromosome.  No two persons with this condition will have exactly the same symptoms and some individuals will develop newer ones over time.  On average, individuals could experience between 20 – 30 symptoms over their lifetime.

Over the next few weeks, the girls will design posters telling the personal stories of a number of those who have been impacted by this condition. Today they were visited by Ann Lawlor, whose daughter Aine was diagnosed with 22q11 aged 15. Ann shared Aine’s story with the class, highlighting the challenges and triumphs she has experienced as a result of this syndrome.

Best of luck to the girls with their campaign to raise public awareness of 22q11.

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