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Catholic School’s week was celebrated in many different ways at Presentation Secondary School Tralee during the week of January 29th. Ms. Kelly launched the programme for the week with TY students on Monday 29th. TY students presented the thought for the day each morning over the intercom on the theme of Catholic Schools – A family of Families. The school corridors were also host to a marvellous photographic display of images that made students stop and think of God as well as a display on the entrance noticeboard of the many families within the school – students, department staff groups, management, friends etc.

TY students attended an event in the Parish centre on Tuesday afternoon to learn about Cuan Mhuire. Cuan Mhuire is Ireland’s largest voluntary provider of Addiction Treatment Services and Residential Rehabilitation. It’s main objective is the rehabilitation of persons suffering from alcohol, drug and gambling addictions. The Cuan Mhuire Programme is based on the philosophy of total abstinence and strives to restore the confidence, self-respect and sense of responsibility of all participants. 3 clients spoke with students about their experiences and story of recovery with the help and compassion of Cuan Mhuire. This event will be followed up with a series of fundraising events organised by the TY students to support the valuable work of Cuan Mhuire.




Reflective Thought

" In winter, I plot and plan.

 In spring, I move."

 Henry Rollins



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