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In accordance with the Presentation ethos and all school policies, the L.S. Department aims to support the student at various stages through their journey at Presentation Tralee.

As we respect each student as unique, so are their abilities, aptitudes and learning styles. We aim to access each student’s unique style in acquisition of skills, be they academic or social. 

L.S. Dept.

Commonly Asked Questions re L.S. / Resource

  1. 1.Is there an entrance exam?

No, not an exam.

However, in February, prior to your daughter starting with us in Presentation, we invite her students to undergo an assessment. This is held on a Saturday morning, usually in February / March, date to be confirmed. This looks at both strengths and potential areas of need. This allows us to put strategies and processes in place so they start immediately on entry. 

  1. 2.Are students placed in streamed class groups in accordance with the results of these tests?

No. Students are placed in mixed ability 1st Year class groups.

Students are assigned classes in Junior Cycle based upon an average of their Christmas and Summer Results in 1st Year, and subject choice.

Students are assigned classed at Senior Level based also on subject choice and level, where feasible.

  1. 3.Will my daughter receive the same level of resources and support as she receives currently in Primary School?

No, not necessarily.

  1. 4.Do I myself need to transfer documentation / reports from her Primary School?

(eg. Education Psychologist Report / NEPS Report; O.T. Report; Audiology Report;

 Ophthalmic Report;Doctors / Medical Report; Certification of Exemption etc.)

Yes, this is vital. Ideally, we should receive this information by December prior to entry in 1st Year. Copies are acceptable.

  1. 5.How does Presentation guarantee privacy and confidentiality regarding such information?

Documentation is kept under lock and key. Relevant information is exchanged with teachers of the student.


  1. 6.My daughter has an Educational Psychological Report and has been allocated Resource Hours. When will such resource classes take place? 

Classes will be put in place at times where, for example, your daughter does not do a language and/or is undertaking a reduced time-table for examination. A ‘learning plan’ is co-ordinated, specific to her strengths and needs, with the student, you the parent/guardian and the staff.

  1. 7.My daughter has an Attested Learning Difficulty, for example Dyslexia and has an exemption from the study of Irish. Will she receive L.S. at these times?

No, not necessarily at all of these class times.

However, in small group settings, some subject support, transition support, study skills and/or homework support will be given. This is provided under resource hours.

  1. 8.Does Presentation Secondary advise students regarding RACE (Reasonable Accommodations in State Exams)?   

Yes, the school coordinates all RACE applications.

Note: in order to get RACE, all Psychological Reports must be no older than 4 years old.

  1. 9 If I and my daughter feel that she has a learning need, can Presentation assess her?

We can certainly start the assessment process – via consultation with you and the student, addressing the need via different study/teaching strategy, assessing written work, doing certain in-school cognitive and attainment testing. However, a ‘diagnosis’ is purely the domain of the Educational Psychologist / NEPS/ other outside agencies. All of the above mentioned work will be a vital part of the Psychologists assessment procedure.

  1. 10.Are EAL needs addressed as part of the Learning Support / Resource programme at Presentation?

Yes. As most EAL students (English as Another Language) are exempt from the study of Irish on these grounds, attendance at some small group classes enhance their access to and mastery of the English language.

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