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In Presentation Secondary School we strive to create a sense of belonging and care in the school. We try to help students integrate all that they learn so as to be better able to understand and plan for their future. This means helping each and every student to develop in a holistic way as they find their own career path and direction in life.

Guidance & Counselling is provided by the school’s two Guidance Counsellors who also depends heavily on parent and teacher cooperation. It is vital for students to feel that they may talk to the counsellor in total confidentiality and about any matter whatever.

Parents and teachers may also wish to discuss a student’s personal development and all such meetings are dealt with in complete confidentiality.


The Guidance Counsellor meets students in class groups, individually or informally to discuss issues of importance to themselves, their studies and their future goals. We also offer a wide range of classes in SPHE and RSE to deal with issues like relationships, sexuality ,decision making and substance abuse.

We lay great stress on providing thorough advice on further education and careers. Information is available for all students and their parents from the school’s two Guidance Counsellors whose tasks include assisting individual students towards the proper choices at key stages in their school life.

The Guidance department runs a structured programme through the senior cycle, offering timetabled classes, aptitude and interest tests, lectures by guest speakers, interview skills and practice.

In sixth year the emphasis is on choosing the ideal course and college at which to study and visits are arranged to career exhibitions and Open days at college campuses.Practice interviews are also held in 6th year.

The Guidance room is regularly stocked with up-to-date reference books, information leaflets, college prospectuses and college programmes. The students are given access to educational and college web sites, software programmes and internet information to research a chosen field of study.

Changes in higher education and in the workplace are carefully monitored and current information is passed on to the students.



In counselling, the student sees the Guidance Counsellor on an individual basis. Any student may make an appointment to see the counsellor in the Guidance Counsellor’s office.

 This gives the student an opportunity to talk about anything she wishes knowing that their concerns will be dealt with in confidence.

 In daily sessions with students the Guidance Counsellor addresses a wide variety of needs, some students come seeking information, some have more personal problems such as misunderstandings, fears, confusion, anxiety and so on. The counsellor helps students find ways of building resilience and enabling them to solve their own problems.

 Most counselling appointments are made by the students themselves but sometimes they are referred by the Principal, Deputy Principal, Pastoral Care Team, Year head, Parent or Teacher.

 Practical ways to help students.

1. Show real interest in the young person’s life. Try to understand her point of view.

2. Learn about adolescence and the teen years, about the difficulties in becoming an adult in today’s world.

3. Make it easy to study by providing the right conditions. 

4. Try to avoid being too critical of the young person’s own ideas. Friendly discussion will clarify things more quickly than a critical attitude.

5. Help the young person make their own decisions. They will be more open to your help and advice if they see you respect their opinion and decisions.

6. Encourage the young person to think in terms of a group of similar careers rather than a particular course. This prevents students from preparing for only one course which, in fact they might not get.

7. Young people who are reminded too often of their shortcomings may have their personal growth blocked. Have faith in the young person. In the right atmosphere of respect and understanding, young people can develop in an almost unbelievable way.



Students and parents alike may find the following links as useful sources of information:


The Guidance Counselling Department at Presentation Secondary School, Tralee are delighted to launch their new website. The Website aims to inform the whole school population about upcoming events, such as Open Days, Information Seminars and general information from Institutions and Agencies. It also aims to report on experiences that students have had at some of these events, while also explaining all about the service and how to access it.

October 20th - UL/Mary I
October 27th - Tralee IT
November 15th - IGC Careers fair, The Malton conference centre.
September 20th - 9.00 a.m. - IT Tralee
September 22nd -12.35 & 2.55 NUI Galway
November 10th - 12.35 & 2.55 Mary I
November 22nd 9.00 - Cork IT
November 24th 12.35& 2.55 - U.L.
November 13TH 3.20 - UL Business
November 17TH 9.00&9.40 - UCC ( Arts & Social Science)


We look forward to our up and coming visit to The Malton Hotel, Killarney,  Wednesday week (15th November 2017). Our sixth year students will have an opportunity to engage with a large selection of Higher Education Institutions and Further Education Institutions, along with a variety of services and supports to help make the transition from second level more efficient and enjoyable. Please see the poster for the list of institutions and service providers attending (Note: SUSI will unfortunately not be attending).



 Leaving Cert Students also had the opportunity to visit IT Tralee recently (27th October 2017). Our ladies were given tours of the North Campus, engaged with course coordinators, lecturers and students, attended talks on some of the various courses, while also being exposed to all the institute has to offer in terms of clubs and societies. All students had a fantastic experience and most were surprised as to the wide variety of courses available to students at Level 8/7 &6. For example: there are three different schools which include:

   Business, Computing & Humanities

   Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths

  Health & Social Studies



 Leaving Cert students from Presentation Secondary School had the opportunity to visit four colleges located in Limerick (Mary Immaculate College, The University of Limerick, Limerick Institute of Technology and Limerick College of Art and Design) on Friday 20th October, recently. Our ladies not only had the opportunity to view the facilities on offer in the various colleges, but they also engaged with course coordinators, lecturers and students. Information talks were held in relation to specific courses on offer to students this year, while Clubs and Societies were also on display, showing our girls that a balanced lifestyle which includes social and cultural interactions help to support student progression throughout their 3rd level experience.

As part of the 6th year Guidance syllabus, our 6th year students participated in a professional interview skills and technique workshop on Wednesday 30th of August. Shay Nolan MGC, BBS and Mary McCarthey are Career Consultants who have direct experience with virtually all industry sectors within Ireland.Shay has worked as a Careers advisor in the UCC Careers Service since 2008.The workshop featured sessions on Interview Skills including Group Interviews, CV preparation, Psychometric testing and communication skills. This was an excellent opportunity for the 6th year students at Pres Tralee. Thanks to Guidance Counsellors Ms. Mulcahy and Ms. Kearney for coordinating the event.
UCC - The Brandon - Tues 11th October 6 - 8p.m.
NUIG - The Brandon  - Thursday 20th October 7-9p.m.

A large group of students from last year's 6th year at Pres Tralee  returned to the school on Thursday 28th April 2015in order to give advice and information to this year's group about college life etc.There was be representatives from: Kerry College of Further Education, Trinity college, DCU, U.L., U.C.C., N.U.I.G., I.T.T. and M.I.C who are partaking in a diverse range of courses including Art, Business, Arts, Education and Sciences.

They  shared their college life experiences, chatted about the courses they are doing and offered advice on how to get the most out of lectures, locating resources in the library, tackling assessments and exams as well as  other practical matters such as finance and accomodation issues. 

The information exchange took place between 9 and 10.20 a.m. in the Assembly area - a valuable opportunity for this year's Leaving cert group. Thanks to Ms. Mulcahy for coordinating the event.




5 5th year students have been accepted to attend the U.L. Law for a Day initiative on Tuesday 7th April.Students will have the opportunity to attend lectures, get a talk from a representative from the Co-Operative Education and Careers Decision and take part in a Moot trial.They will also get a tour of the U.Ul campus as well as being treated to a light lunch. Good Luck to : Ailbhe Foley, Anna Farrell, Ina Dema, Kate Shannon and Kelley Pierse.


On Friday 13th March, a number of our past pupils from the 2013/2014 class returned to the school to talk to our present 6th years. They shared their college life experiences, chatted about the courses they were doing and offered excellent advice on how to get the most out of lectures, locating resources in the library, tackling assessments and exams as well as  other practical matters such as finance and accomodation issues. The returning students are attending courses such as Biomedical Engineering in N.U.I.G., Dentistry in U.C.C., International Commerce in U.C.D. , Liberal Arts in M.I.C.L., Commerce with Accounting in  N.U.I.G. as well as Arts in N.U.I.G. so a wide range of courses and colleges were represented - Thank you to all the students for returning and giving of their time.Thanks to Ms. Mulcahy for coordinating the event.


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Law Academy Monday group comp

5th Year students Aisling Clarke, Niamh O'Connor and Sadbh Fleming attended the Law Academy at UCD over the mid-term break. The objective of the Law Academy is to provide a one-day taster opportunity to prospective Law students highlighting the benefits of studying Law, attending 2 lectures and a Moot court session.This was a great experience for the students - Thanks to Guidance Counsellor Ms. Mulcahy.



The Faculty of Science & Engineering, University of Limerick Invites Secondary School Pupils and Parents to THE GRADUATE CAREER INFORMATION MORNING In the Kathleen Lonsdale Building, UL Campus SATURDAY 29th November 2014 from 10am – 11am.The Faculty of Science and Engineering present monthly Graduate Work Experience Talks in which former University of Limerick students from Bachelor of Science programmes will present an overview of their careers since graduating.  The eveningwill include graduates from some of the following courses:

LM052 BSc Computer Systems

LM110 BSc Computer Games Development

LM113 BSc Digital Media Design

LM114 BSc Music Media & Performance Technology

Each graduate will describe what is involved in studying and working in computer science environments and the exciting career opportunities they have experienced to-date.   They will give an overview of how the skills and knowledge gained in their degree programmes has benefited them in their careers.There will be an opportunity at the end for people to speak on aone-to-one basis with graduates over refreshments.


Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 061 202421


The Annual Careers Fair of the Irish Guidance Counsellors - Kerry branch will take place in the Malton Hotel conference centre Killarney on Wednesday 19th November from 9.30 to 1.00 p.m.. 6th years are invited to attend and a bus will be provided by the school.This careers fair aims to provide students with the opportunity to meet with representatives from colleges, training bodies and other external agencies.


The annual practice interview evening on October 23rd was a great success. The students who participated got excellent feedback from the interviewers which will be invaluable later when students begin doing interviews for courses, placements and eventually jobs. This is a tremendous opportunity for students at a time when it's important to stand out from the crowd when trying to secure employment.

 APRIL 2014

The FACULTY OF SCIENCE & ENGINEERING, UNIVERSITY OF LIMERICK Invited Secondary School Pupils and Parents to  THE GRADUATE CAREER INFORMATION EVENING In the Kathleen Lonsdale Building, UL Campus on Thursday, 10 th April between 7 and 8 p.m


Some Photos from UCC "Prep-for-Med "school:

uccmed5     ucc med 4      ucc med 3

ucc med1      ucc med 2



11 students from 5th year in Presentation will be participating in the PATHFINDERS PROGRAMME AT TRALEE I.T. begining next week: Bledona Ashari, Gosia Bugaz, Diellza Baftjari, Cheyenne Cunningham, Megan Horgan, Norma Horan, Saoirse Hogan, Keidine Lacey,Hollie Marsden, Blerentina Mulharri and Shannon Ward.Pathfinders is a second-level schools access programme which aims to increase participation of students at 3rd level by allowing the students experience aspects of college life including lectures, study skills sessions as well as gaining information about the C.A.O. application process over the course of 5th and 6th year. We wish the students well as they begin this programme.


2 Transition year students Ailbhe Foley and Eva O'Connell are participating in the U.C.C. "Prep-for - Med - School" programme on January 24th. The  girls will be visiting the new FLAME Anatomy Lab, learning how clinical skills are taught in medical school, examining the forensics of a crime scene as well as watching a live robotic surgery. We all look forward to the report from that visit!





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" In winter, I plot and plan.

 In spring, I move."

 Henry Rollins



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