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 RELIGIOUS EDUCATION is one of the most important forces shaping history, culture, and personal experience. To understand religion is to understand and develop a stance towards the most pressing concerns in life. The approach to this study stresses critical reading and writing skills, a broad base of global understanding, and reflection on ethical issues. Given the importance of moral, social, aesthetic, and other value questions in our lives, religion will expand your educational horizons. It will give you insight into the human condition as well as an international understanding of this and other cultures.


Course Content :The course consists of three units:

Unit One: The search for meaning and values- the foundation module for the whole Leaving Certificate Religious education module course explores how people over the centuries have sought to answer the great questions about the meaning of life. This section includes an introduction to the history of philosophy from ancient Greece to modern times.

Unit Two:

Any two of: Christianity: origins and contemporary expressions;World religions; Moral decision-making

Unit Three:

Any one of the following (excluding the two sections designated for coursework):

Religion and gender; Issues of justice and peace; Worship, prayer, and ritual; The Bible: literature and sacred text; Religion: the Irish experience; Religion and science.

Assessment: For the Leaving Certificate examination, the assessment procedure has two elements:1. Coursework (20%), 2.Terminal written paper (80%).

Career Opportunities:The study of religion educates you in skills of analysis, interpretation, and comparison, and gives you a solid grounding in global cultures and social issues. This makes it relevant to any of the fields in which religion plays a role, as well as those that require similar skills of analysis and understanding. These include: Law, Journalism, International Business, Psychology, Social Work, Counselling, Politics, Medicine, Philosophy, Allied Health Professions, Religious Professions, Education.



Reflective Thought

" In winter, I plot and plan.

 In spring, I move."

 Henry Rollins



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