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Leaving Certificate Home Economics Syllabus:

 The Social & Scientific course mixes theory with practice in order to develop understanding and solve problems. It looks at how individuals and families manage their resources to meet their needs. It helps you take control of your life - in the home, in school or college, and in work. It encourages a flexible and adaptable approach to the challenges and demands of modern living.

The first thing you will notice is the diversity of content covered – a breadth of knowledge is required in relation to “The Core” and One Elective.

The core subject includes three areas:

Food Studies                                                         45%

Resource Management and Consumer Studies                    25%

Social Studies                                                       10%

The Elective you will study will be                          20%

A background in Home Economics at Junior Cert. can be an advantage. But if you haven't stepped into the kitchen before, don't worry – you’ll be able to stand the heat!

 The number of students allowed in each Home Economics class is limited, so please make sure you use your place well and participate fully in every aspect of the course.

 The Objectives of this course are to enable you to:

Have the knowledge and understanding of food and food related issues necessary for personal and family health.

To be able to apply this knowledge in the context of the food industry.

To develop and extend you organisational, manipulative and creative skills when preparing, cooking and presenting food

To learn and use management skills to organise your personal and family needs

To learn how to become a good consumer

To understand sociological factors affecting individuals and families.

To learn and understand design, building and management of a home, specific to individual and family needs and with consideration for social and environmental responsibility.

To develop your creative ability in relation to the design process involved in the home.


There are 5 practical assignments to be completed. These must be recorded and written up in an examination journal. This makes up 20% of your final grade.

There is a final written examination which is made up of two sections. Section A is short answer questions and Section B is long questions.

So what will you actually do?

As with all Leaving Certificate subjects there is a great deal of information you will have to learn, investigate and remember.

You will develop practical skills which you will need to demonstrate through your assignments.

You will be regularly tested and assessed on your knowledge.

How do the lessons work?

In 5th Year you will have 5 lessons every week. You must make full use of each lesson.

Key to success / Responsibilities:

Turn up on time

Be prepared for each lesson. – Your text book, copy, pens etc on your desk

Be attentive- Listen to information and instructions carefully

Participate. – Take an active part in discussions and be ready to answer oral questions.

Be organised- make sure all your notes etc. are filed at the end of each lesson

Complete homework – make sure all tasks are complete

Be responsible for your learning – If for any reason you are absent it is your responsibility to catch up on any work missed. If there is anything you do not understand, ask for clarification.


For this course you must have the following:

Text Book – Living Today; Work book – Living Today; A4 Hard back copy

A4 Lever Arch folder; A4 Lined pad; A4 Dividers; Apron; Hair band



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" In winter, I plot and plan.

 In spring, I move."

 Henry Rollins



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