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26 students and two teachers from the Geschwister-Scholl Secondary School in Ludwigshafen, Germany, visited our school today as part of their school tour to Tralee.  After a demonstration of Irish Dancing and Irish Music (from Ciara Bowler, Sarah Cantillon, Kayleigh Costello and Ciara Rath), the Head Girls Áine O’Sullivan and Aoife Dillane gave a brief presentation on the school and the history of the Presentation Order. 

The Highlight of the visit was a “Speed Meeting” with one of our two Second Year German classes.  Both Irish and German students had prepared questions in their foreign language and were given a minute to talk to each other both in English and German before moving on to the next person.  Both groups were very enthusiastic and delighted to put their language skills to the test.  All students involved enjoyed the opportunity to meet and talk to “real” native speakers. 

In the students’ own words:

“I thought yesterday was a great experience.  I liked that we talked to people our age so we could talk about things we liked and didn’t like.  I learned new words in German and I got used to hearing people talk in German as well.  I would love to try it again.”

 “Yesterday, we talked to some German students who were visiting Ireland for a week.  We had a list of questions for the German students and they had questions for us.  I thought it was great experience and I met some cool people.  I would have liked if we could spend more time talking to them.”

“I think it was fun to find out how school works in Germany and it helped us and the German students to improve our German and their English.  They seemed very friendly and had great English.  They were also very positive.  Their life is different from how we live in Ireland.”

“It was really interesting and exciting.  Everyone enjoyed it.  It was an unforgettable experience.”

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TY Language students hosted the French and German cafés today and yet again there was great demand for French and German culinary delights. The TY students were involved in food preparation and display, waitressing which involved taking orders in French or German from the 2nd year students who attended as well as explaining the menu if necessary, collection of money etc.  - all in their chosen language. The rooms were beautifully decorated in advance with our Language Assistants, Lena and Olga even providing some hands-on tutoring on napkin folding! Thanks to all the language teachers for their coordination of this wonderful event.

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French Students attending Tralee language school visited the TYs at Pres Tralee:

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