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Fourth Year is a one year education programme available to all students who have completed the Junior Certificate Cycle.

It includes traditional academic subjects, careers’ education, work experience and personal social development.

Its main aim is to help the students make the transition to senior cycle and to encourage students to develop a positive approach to learning and their own education.


To promote the personal, social, educational and vocational development of pupils and to prepare them for their role as autonomous, participative, and responsible members of society.


The following aims are interrelated and interdependent and should be strongly reflected in every Transition Year programme:

1. Education for maturity with the emphasis on personal development including social awareness and increased social competence.

2. The promotion of general, technical and academic skills with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and self-directed learning.

3. Education through experience of adult and working life as a basis for personal development and maturity.

                                                - Extract from "Transition year programmes – Guidelines for Schools"


1. Leaving Certificate and Points race

2. Third Level Education:

  • High drop-out rate/dependency culture
  • Age Profile/Maturity
  • Leaving Home skills
  • Self-Management skills
  • Time Management skills
  • Study skills – independent, self-directed
  • Group/Project/Research skills
  • I.C.T. skills

3. Adult and Working Life:

  • Self Esteem/awareness/assertiveness
  • Relationships
  • Teamwork
  • Maturity/Critical Judgement
  • Careers/work Experience/Work simulation
  • Interviews – C.V., Portfolios
  • Technical skills
  • I.C.T/E.C.D.L.
  • Health Education
  • Certification – Dept. of Education/School/Agencies


– report and Recommendations 1999 p46

"There is growing evidence that students who have taken the Transition Year programme are more self-reliant learners when they enter third-level education than their peers"


  • Time to mature
  • Time to revise/catch-up/investigate
  • Breathing space – 5 th Year not a year to sit back
  • Learn Life skills – First Aid, Diet and Nutrition etc.
  • Develop social skills
  • Time to prepare for leaving home
  • Build up an impressive C.V. and Portfolio of certificates/Preparation for interviews
  • Independent self-directed learning, project work, group work, research skills, teamwork



Food and Nutrition







Speech and Drama





European Studies

Careers and Guidance




WORK EXPERIENCE - 2 separate weeks


  • To give students experience of adult working life
  • To heighten their awareness
  • To give students the opportunity to explore their career interest areas
  • To help them in making informed decisions
  • To improve interpersonal communication skills
  • To develop and perfect skills
  • Material for C.V

MODULES –Spread throughout the year

  • First Aid
  • Yoga
  • Personal Development Day
  • Drive for Life
  • Legal Studies
  • Dance and Music Workshops
  • Gaisce Bronze Award


The President's Award is Ireland's National Challenge Award for young people, the country's most prestigious and respected individual Award programme.

It is a challenge from the President of Ireland to the young people of Ireland.

It includes:

  • Community Involvement
  • Personal skills
  • Physical Activity
  • Venture Activity

TRIPS  - most but not all held during 2 activity weeks

  • Local History Field Trip
  • Geography Field Trip (Maharees)
  • Science Field Trip - e.g. FOTA Island, Killarney National Park
  • Gaeltacht Trip
  • Cappanalea
  • English Literature Tour
  • Educational / Cultural Trip to Dublin – 2 days
  • Gaisce Venture to Black Valley
  • Several Trips to Theatre and Cinema


- Spread throughout year

- an important aspect of life in Presentation Tralee

- includes:

  • Autism – Flag Day
  • Bag Packing – various charities
  • Local Charities – Cake Sales
  • Carol singing  -Kerry rape crisis centre
  • St. Bridget Crosses


  • Jim Adams Autism
  • Stephen Peers Development Officer with Gaisce
  • Michelle Corcoran Beautician
  • John Drummey Media Studies
  • John Hurley Art workshop


  • Formal Tests at Christmas and Summer
  • Continual Assessment
  • Portfolio Assessment
  • Assessment of Projects


Estimates for each year are provided at the Parents meeting in advance of Programme start and are kept as reasonable as possible





TY students at Pres Tralee are again participating in the ECO Unesco Young Environmentalist Awards. One group from Ms. O’Donoghue’s Science class is doing a project on Lyme disease. The aim of the project is to increase awareness of the disease, how it may be contracted and how to avoid it. Some of the students - Áine O’Sullivan and Ruth O’Connell - attended a recent Tralee Town Park Run where they addressed those participating on the day – providing key information. The group are also holding a Tick Awareness Day on Friday, February 23 in town, where they will be around the streets of Tralee from 10am to 4pm informing the public about ticks, which is how you contract the disease. The girls will also be telling people about how to avoid getting bitten by wrapping up, spray on bug repellent, wear long pants and long sleeves etc.

Other members of the groups include: Aisling O’Connell, Mary O’Connell, Niamh Rahilly, Laura Scanlon ,Natasha Tobin and  Doireann Thomas .

IMG 2666 a IMG 2655 a IMG 2665 a


On Tuesday 6th of February, Mr. Pat McNeely came from Achill Island in Co. Mayo in a refurbished ambulance to raise awareness about road safety. He showed us an introduction video featuring a terrible crash which got everyone’s attention. He then informed us about seat belts and how they function. He explained their function and told us of 3 letters he has written to Bus Eireann, RSA and the Minister for Transport about lap seatbelts on buses but has received a poor response from all 3 parties. He then told us about how airbags work with seatbelts to save our lives. We were shown a video about 2 boys who were in a car crash – 1 of whom is going to be in wheelchair permanently. He talked about other people’s tragic stories which had a huge impact on us. We learned shocking statistics about driving in Ireland that shocked us. After lunch we did a theory test which was very useful as many of us will be taking out theory test in the near future. We then had the opportunity to ask questions on any issues raised during the day. We all enjoyed the day a lot and we will all certainly be very conscious of road safety from now on.

BANK 4 WOMEN – 5/1/18

The Bank 4 women team participated in the Regional finals of the AIB Build A Bank competition on Monday 5th of February where they delivered a presentation to the judges about the Bank and it’s message to the students at Pres Tralee – encouraging the students to be SHE-roes – strong, confident and encouraging and empowering women in society. While the team were unsuccessful on the day, it was still a very worthwhile experience. The girls will continue to run the bank in school on Thursdays at lunch-time and all students are encouraged to get into the habit of regular saving.

20180205 121914 Copy a 20180205 124234 a 

Zainab Lawall


On Friday 26th of January, 4th years went to IWISH Cork at City Hall. We left Tralee at 9.00 an d arrived in Cork at 11a.On arrival, we received free goodie bags and took pictures with the IWISH Instagram frame. Amy won a pair of headphones! In the main hall, various women spoke to us about their experiences and career paths in the STEM sector. They told us about the lack of girls moving into STEM for 3rd level education and were encouraging us to take a career in this sector. It was very inspirational and enjoyable. We were informed of all the different career opportunities within STEM. After the talk, we were led in groups into the exhibition hall where lots of companies and colleges within the ATEM sector were set up. Tour guides took us to different stands where we were informed about the work the companies do. After a while we were free to visit the stands by ourselves to ask questions etc.


Eleanor Moloney and Kate Hennessy


On the 24th of January, we headed up to Dublin to support our U16 Cadet Basketball team at the All Ireland Cup final. We left the library at 8.30 a.m. on that Wednesday in order to reach the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght at 1.00 p.m. with a stop at the Barack Obama Plaza. We were in time to watch the match before ours. 3 of our TY classmates - Rachel Kilgallen, Mary O’Connell and Aisling O’Connell were on the team along with 3rd years and a couple of 2nd years. The girls match started at 2.00p.m. with each of the girls being introduced individually before the match started. At the end of the 1st quarter, we were losing by a basket but throughout the game we caught up. With the work from all the team and cooperation we were thrilled as supporters when the final whistle went and we had won!! Rachel Kilgallen the Captain accepted the cup and Mary O’Connell won the Gold Basketball trophy for the Most Valuable Player. We stopped off at Junction 14 on the way home before the journey home to arrive in Tralee again at 9.30.


On Tuesday 30th of January, all the TYS went to St. John’s Parish centre at 2.00 p.m. for a talk about Cuan Mhuire. The leader Karen spoke to us about the routine in the centre that the girls go through on a daily basis, including time for meditation and prayer. 3 girls spoke to us about their problems with drug and alcohol addiction. One is in a rehabilitation centre in Limerick after completing the Cuan Mhuire programme. Another is waiting for a bed in a rehab centre in Dublin and the third has just started with Cuan Mhuire. Each girl talked about their early life, how they began drinking and taking drugs. They each told us about the weakest point in their lives and what made them go and get help with their addiction.

Chloe Griffin and Saoirse Horgan


TY students were lending a helping hand at St John's Parish Bazaar on Friday night 10th November. The girls had a very busy night selling tickets, organising the Guess The Cake Weight competition, helping out with the auction, manning The Sweet Shop and much more!
The girls are pictured with Fr. Tadhg Fitzgerald and Rev Jim Stephens. 

 20171201 194849 20171201 195344 20171201 195420



TYS at Pres Tralee attended the Axa Road Safety Road Show at the INEC in Killarney on Tuesday 21st of November.

The event was attended mostly by Transition Year and fifth year students, the idea being to warn them of the dangers of speeding and reckless driving, before they learn how to drive.

Presentations were given by Gardaí, fire crew, medical staff from a hospital emergency department, and relatives of people killed on Kerry’s roads.

A former pupil of Pres Tralee - Marion O'Donoghue - who is working with the Killarney Fire service joined the girls for a photo and a few words.



IMG 1413 IMG 1443 IMG 1473  

On Friday the 10th of November, the TYs attended the Listowel Food Fest. There was a fantastic atmosphere as we entered the community centre. We were given water and a healthy snack as we entered. There was an introduction to the day given from those who organised the event. The current Rose of Tralee, Jennifer Byrne was also present and she gave an inspiring speech on the importance of a healthy diet and life. Then, there was a cooking demonstration which was given by Lizzy Lyons from “Lizzy’s kitchen”. She made soup and hummus. We had the opportunity to try this later and both the soup and hummus were delicious!  After this, Sarah Nealon, a nutritionist from “Horans” spoke to us and gave us several tips on how to include healthy eating in our lives. It was very informative and helpful. Then, Dr. Ailis Brosnan, a healthy living coach shared some smoothie recipes with us and gave us a demonstration about how to make some of these smoothies.  After that, we moved all of our chairs to do some exercise! We did some Zumba dancing with us. This was a fun and entertaining way to keep fit. Then we did some “yogalates”, which is mixture between yoga and pilates. This was tough as it tested our flexibility but it was a fun challenge. Finally, we did some fitness exercises which got all of our heart rates going! We were all very tired after that, but recovered after tasting the delicious food that was on offer. Then we headed back to school, all of us talking about how much we had enjoyed the event.


IMG 1416 IMG 1480

Eleanor Moloney 4B



26 students and two teachers from the Geschwister-Scholl Secondary School in Ludwigshafen, Germany, visited our school today as part of their school tour to Tralee.  After a demonstration of Irish Dancing and Irish Music (from Ciara Bowler, Sarah Cantillon, Kayleigh Costello and Ciara Rath), the Head Girls Áine O’Sullivan and Aoife Dillane gave a brief presentation on the school and the history of the Presentation Order. 

The Highlight of the visit was a “Speed Meeting” with one of our two Second Year German classes.  Both Irish and German students had prepared questions in their foreign language and were given a minute to talk to each other both in English and German before moving on to the next person.  Both groups were very enthusiastic and delighted to put their language skills to the test.  All students involved enjoyed the opportunity to meet and talk to “real” native speakers. 

In the students’ own words:

“I thought yesterday was a great experience.  I liked that we talked to people our age so we could talk about things we liked and didn’t like.  I learned new words in German and I got used to hearing people talk in German as well.  I would love to try it again.”

 “Yesterday, we talked to some German students who were visiting Ireland for a week.  We had a list of questions for the German students and they had questions for us.  I thought it was great experience and I met some cool people.  I would have liked if we could spend more time talking to them.”

“I think it was fun to find out how school works in Germany and it helped us and the German students to improve our German and their English.  They seemed very friendly and had great English.  They were also very positive.  Their life is different from how we live in Ireland.”

“It was really interesting and exciting.  Everyone enjoyed it.  It was an unforgettable experience.”


On Monday 9th October, Sarah and JulieAnn came to talk to us from AIB about the Build a Bank competition that will be starting soon in our school! She spoke about how the school had great success in previous years. Sarah explained that only 6 girls are chosen from TY to run it. Each girl will be given a role to play in the bank such as a marketing manager. The girls would be chosen fairly through the process of interviews. She briefly went through the form and showed us a few pages that we have to fill in such as our junior cert results and our list of achievements. She encouraged us all to apply as we would make new friends and it would help us to get future part time jobs. We are looking forward to this new challenge!!

By; Jemi, Saoirse, Sara and Yasmine


On Tuesday the 26th of September 2017, Maeve Townsend from our Local Enterprise Office came to speak to our class about enterprise and setting up our own mini-companies.  While Maeve was with us she talked to us about the characteristics of an entrepreneur, and she gave us many great ideas of innovative and creative products that have been created in the past couple of years - to get us thinking about potential products we may create as our mini businesses.  Maeve also told us that there are many ups and downs to starting your own business, but we are really looking forward to the challenge.

By: Eve Duffy, Sarah Daly and Clare O’Connor TY

PLOUGHING 2017 - 19/9

The bus left at 7:00 am instead of 6:30 am because two people were late which left us stuck in traffic for more than two hours which was fantastic!! We arrived in Screggan at about 12:00 pm -we parked the bus and entered the site which was absolutely MOBBED with people!! We put ourselves into groups so no one could get lost. Of course everybody in our group wanted to go somewhere different - people wanted to see the cows, cars, the O’Neills shop, the hurley shop and tractors which we didn’t actually get to see. After about an hour of going to stalls to get free stuff and looking for any local celebrities,  we wanted to go to the O’Neills shop and of course we didn’t know where in the name of God we were until we realised that the site  was split into sections - agri, machinery and shopping and retail. We asked one of the patrons where we could find the O’Neills shop and he told us, and about a half hour of pure confusion and walking around we finally found it but the line seemed to go on FOREVER so we just said nope turned around and looked for the hurley shop which was only a few stalls down and eventually after standing in a hot stuffy tent for a half hour we came out with our Joe Canning hurleys! After we got our hurleys ,we met up with the rest of the group at the food court and had chips, crepes and ice cream. Unfortunately , we had to be back at the bus for 4:00 pm so we didn’t get to see everything but it was a fantastic day. We had great weather and I would recommend it to anyone of any age !

 Chloe Griffin

P1 P3 P4


Firstly, we started by drilling holes into small thin plates of ply wood. Then, these plates were used to attach a long 9’ X 2’ plank to a short 9’x2’ plank of wood. This gave us our ideal length of wood. We then repeated this to create the sides of all the raised beds. We drilled together these long sides of wood to shorter end pieces creating the raised beds. We then reinforced the corners with small thick blocks and drilled them into place. Finally we measured the plastic to fit the raised beds. We used a staple gun to attach the plastic to the wood. The plastic is used to protect the wood from the damp soil and to stop water seeping from under the raised beds.

While building the raised beds, we learnt to cooperate and work as a team. We learnt to work with our heads and our hands. If we came across a problem we figured it out together. We found it very enjoyable and fun building the raised beds. It was very rewarding experience as we will always remember that we built the raised beds in the poly tunnel during transition year 2017-18.

Emma Isabella Carmody

 P1060429  P1060403 P1060338 P1060372P1060392



Waking up early in the morning became a lot easier to do by the end of our Activity week! The bus left from the library at 8.00 a.m. We passed through the beautiful town of Killorglin and headed onwards towards Caherciveen and Derrynane. The journey was long but the scenery we saw as we travelled was well worth it. Ms. O’Neill told us all the key facts about the places we were passing along the way. We saw the ruins of where Daniel O’Connell was born. The highlight of the trip was definitely Derrynane house. The house was located in a very quiet area far from busy towns. We were first shown an informative 10 minute video about the background of Daniel O’Connell. The video helped us understand the history of the house and gave us a perspective on the antiques and portraits we were shown. After a tour of the house, we were allowed to wander the gardens which had a South American collection of plants as well as tasting the homemade bubble-gum and chocolate ice-creams and view the magnificent chariot the Daniel O’Connell paraded in through the streets of Dublin.

After visiting Derrynane house, we headed back up towards Caherciveen town. We had our lunch in the sunshine sitting outside the local community buildings. We were also given a tour around the Memorial church of Daniel O’Connell. We visited the grave of Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty who helped the Jews and Allied soldiers escape during World War 2. Overall, the relaxing day out to Derrynane was a great way to end the hectic week.


derrynane comp

Jemi  John


2016 2017



The TY Science project "Locally grown is better known"  hosted a bake sale on Friday 12th of  May to raise awareness of their project and to help raise funds for their trip to the National finals of the SEAI - One Good Idea competition in Croke Park on Tuesday May 16th. The girls also held  a raffle for prizes including make-up hampers and fresh mixed herb collections were very popular with staff members. Thanks to everyone who supported all the ventures! 


20161123 092410 comp

Transition Year students took to the streets of Tralee on Wednesday 23rd of November as part of the Tralee Tidy Towns "Keep Tralee Tidy" initiative. Enthusiastic students spent the morning brushing, cleaning and gathering bags of rubbish and leaves. 

Tralee has achieved Gold Medal status in the National Tidy Towns competition over the last few years. This is largely due to the hard work of hundreds of volunteers . Pres Tralee are proud to be part of the team. Well done to all involved!

20161123 095034 comp


Once again the TY Christmas Elves have been very busy preparing Pres Tralee for the Christmas season!

IMGP3088 IMGP3094

IMGP3143 20161209 123340 comp

20161209 123311 001 compIMGP3145



TY students held a Christmas "Eats and Treats" fair on Friday December 16th to raise funds for Love Lit week after Christmas.Santa and his elves made an appearence to a background of Christmas music and face-painting activities. Well done to TY students for adding to the Christmas cheer! 

P1050274 P1050276


TY DUBLIN TRIP - 25&26/10/2016

IMG 07771 cmp 



IMG 07831 cmp

TY trip to Siamsa - October 12th

On 12th of October we went to Siamsa at 10:46 to see Joseph and his Technicolor Dream Coat. We walked there with Mrs Lynch. When we arrived we got our seats and waited for the show to begin. We watched the show intently and had a great time. There was then an interval and we all went to use the bathroom and we also went to the bar/café to buy refreshments like drinks and crisps and chocolate bars as well. We then went back into the theatre to watch the rest of the show. We all enjoyed the show as the songs were very catchy and upbeat. We also saw many of our very own talented students in the show including two members of TY, Róisin Moriarty and Sally O’ Hara.  Overall, the trip was great and we all had a great time.

 Kelly Flannery 4A and Laura Devane 4B

Presentation Open Day - 6th October

On the 6th of October 2016 at 7pm, the school open night for incoming First Years took place. The TYs had to set up the assembly area and other places around the school for the night. Ms O’ Keeffe gave a brief talk to the parents and their daughters. We were divided into groups of two and were each given a badminton racket with a letter to represent a group of 6th class students and their parents and to show them around our school. Each room had an individual function including a Home Economics room that had students baking, a Science lab with demonstrations and experiments happening and the Demonstration room which had TY students playing various instruments such as the guitar, ukulele, banjo, accordion, the piano and the flute. The school was very busy and many teachers took part in the open night representing various subjects. The night was a big success and teachers, parents, the 6th class pupils and the helping TYs and 5th years all had a great night!

Orla Goodwin & Ciara Darcy 4B.

Geography trip - September 23rd

IMG 02471 comp

On Friday the 23rd September, We went on our geography trip. We left the school at 8:30 in the morning. When we got to Tarbert, we got off the bus, we drew a sketch map of what we saw in front of us. We got back into the bus. Then, we went on the ferry.

The Cliffs of Moher:

I really enjoyed the Cliffs of Moher the scenery was unbelievable, we took really nice group photos as a class with the cliffs in the background. While we were at the cliffs we drew a sketch map from the top of the cliffs, overlooking the sea. We went into the visitors centre and we ate our lunch. We continued back to the bus and set off for the Ailwee Caves.

The Ailwee Caves:

After a short but rather exciting journey up the cork-screw hill, we arrived at the Ailwee Caves, We split into two groups. Each group got a guided tour of the caves at separate times. The cave is located in the Karst Landscape of the Burren. The cave system consists of over a kilometre of passages, leading into the heart of the mountain. Many features can be seen in the cave such as an underground river, a waterfall, some large stalactites and stalagmites. There were also some pillars. We also saw the remains of bears inside the caves, along with hibernation beds. Roughly 300 metres of the cave passage is open to the public, one third of the total length of the cave. The tour ended at a point called the highway and we excited the cave via a 250-metre man-made tunnel. After the tour we ate, we then went outside and climbed a small mountain. We drew a sketch map of what we saw across the way, which was the Burren area.

Poulnabrone area:

We got back on the bus again and we drove to the Poulnabrone Dolmen which is based in the Burren. We got off the bus and walked up to the Dolmen. We looked at the Dolmen and the Clints and Grikes. We drew a sketch map. We also tested the rock to ensure it is limestone. On our way back to the bus, Mrs O’Flynn made it her duty to talk to a weathered old man trying to sell celtic charms  - he read us some poetry and then we were on our way home.

Rebecca Duggan 4B

Glangeenty trip -  21st September

On Wednesday the 21st of September, transition year students took part in a hike at Glangeenty. After arriving there, the students were giving a short talk by John Lenihan about the trail. He also talked about his life and how at a certain point in his life, he lost all hope and motivation. He then continued to say how he was able to get back up and try again, and this worked out extremely well for him. He’s speech was very positive and motivational and encouraging and encouraged and motivated everyone to keep trying in life and always get back up.

Written by Katie Laucher


Photos by Clara Moran and Xena Mitchell

TY Surfing Trip to Banna Beach 2016 - September 22nd

On Thursday the 22nd of September, my Transition Year class and I travelled the short distance to Banna Beach for a surfing lesson and a walk. It was my favourite trip out of all of them. It was so much fun, the instructors were lovely and very funny, and I almost won myself a surfboard!

To warm up we played the game “British Bulldog”. Originally there are 3 people on, they say “bulldog” and everyone runs, whoever is caught is now on along with the original 3. I made it across safely and after a few rounds everyone was caught except me. One of the instructors bet me that if I could get across, me against roughly 30 people, he would give me a free surfboard…..I didn’t get across.

In all honesty, at first, I didn’t enjoy it because I kept falling but after a while I caught some waves. The weather was dry but cold. But as soon as we started to surf we warmed up.

Last time I went surfing I got stuck under the board and couldn’t get up and started to panic. Something I found challenging was not having another anxiety attack, and I can proudly say I succeeded.

After the surfing we had planned a walk and some tea work exercises, but being Ireland, it began to rain. Instead we sat in a changing room/bunker and played mind games. We got back on the bus after that, and headed home.

Something I learned was team spirit. When some of my classmates, some of whom I had never talked to before, were able to stand up on the board, I couldn’t help myself from cheering them on and feeling really proud of them. The surfing trip made me feel part of a community, as tacky as that sounds.

Chloe Carey  4A

History Trip to Derrynane - September 26th

On the 26th of September we went on a history trip to Derrynane. We meet at the library at quarter passed eight and left to go to Derrynane. On the way we drove through Cahersiveen and saw the church named after Daniel O’ Connell. We also saw the ruins of the house Daniel O’ Connell grew up in. We visited Daniel O’ Connell’s holiday house in Derrynane where we watched a video about his life and got a guided tour of the house. We learned a lot about his life and his family. We walked down to the graveyard at Abbey Island to visit the grave of Mary O’Connell, Daniel O’Connell’s wife. We then had lunch on Derrynane beach before we walked back Derrynane house and got the bus back to the library. 


Ciara Boyd and Laura Devane



There are still Kerry colours on sale  at €1 



We left school at lunch-time as we were booked in for a 1 hour Ice-skating session between 2 and 3 p.m.  in Killarney. We all changed our shoes for skates and ventured onto the ice with some trepidation! There were penguins and seals available for beginner skaters like ourselves. We found we were atrocious at skating – losing count of the number of falls we had! There were 3 helpers on the ice and some of us got lessons. Some of our classmates were very good skaters – with some able to skate backwards! We took lots of pictures – both on and off the ice. Thankfully we were the only school on the ice for the session which meant we all had great fun and most people were much improved by the end of the session! It was a really great activity – thanks to Mrs. O’Connell and Mrs. O’Mahony for bringing  us!

Isobel Horgan and Nora O’Connell

LEE STRAND TRIP – 19/11/15

We walked over to the Lee Strand factory with our teacher Ms. O’Mahony and Mr. Burke. When we arrived, we were welcomed warmly by Theresa. We were then shown to the Board room where Theresa explained the process of producing fresh milk and the advantages of choosing Lee Strand milk. We then put on Safety and Hygiene clothing and went to the factory where the milk is pasteurised and packaged. It was very interesting to learn what was involved. We also received free testers of their new “Protein milk” as well as a free gift bag. We learned greatly from this trip and have a greater understanding of the uniqueness of the Lee strand products.

Ava McCormack and Elizabeth Meehan. 4A

FIRST AID – 17/11/2015

Esther met with us at 9a.m. We began by watching scenarios where a person was choking and Esther then explained what to do in this situation. She demonstrated how to do back slaps and abdominal thrusts. Using a Safety vest, we practised this procedure on each other. Once we had perfected this procedure, we moved on to other issues we may encounter. We learned what to do in the event of a person having an epileptic fit, if someone was an unstable diabetic and what to do if someone goes into anaphylactic shock etc. We finished the session by learning how to carry out CPR as well as the procedure for using an AED - automated external defibrillator. We really enjoyed this workshop and feel it will really stand to us in the future.


We were up very early for this trip - some of us at 15.30! - as our bus left from the public library at 6.30 a.m.! We were accompanied by Ms. O’Carroll, Ms. Mulcahy and Mr. Fleming. The journey was quite long, especially since the traffic got particularly heavy nearer to the venue in Rathiniska in Co. Laois. In the few days beforehand, we were unsure about the weather but fortunately the sun was shining. We all wore wellies anyway as the ground was quite muddy. I definitely wasn’t prepared for the size of the place. There were stalls and people in every direction. We found plenty of food stalls where we got lots of free samples including Clonakilty sausages which we were very happy with. We also met Nevin Maguire. There were other stalls giving out free pens, badges, bags and stickers. Even though we don’t come from an agricultural background, we really appreciated everything. Everything and anything we could want was on sale but the Aldi tent pulled out all the stops to ensure we didn’t leave so we spent a lot of time there! Overall, it was a very enjoyable day. We were back in Tralee for 8.00 p.m. – tired but happy after a great day!

IMG 3067 comp  IMG 3079 comp

Aoife Dillane 4B Áine O'Sullivan 4A


4A and 4B travelled with teachers Bean Uí Néill, Ms. Jaegar, Ms. Hand , Ms. Prendeville, Mr. Sills and Colm as well as 2 members of Tralee mountaineering club to climb Mount Brandon from the West side. The weather was warm and sunny at the bottom but when we reached station 4, we had walked into a cloud. We took a break at every station. I found that between station 5 and 6 was very difficult as the ground was very rocky and steep. It was very misty and we couldn’t see anything. By the time we had climbed the 952m mountain, everyone was hungry and wrecked. Everyone made it to the top where we took a long break to eat lunch. Unfortunately there was zero visibility. I found going down the mountain harder as the rocks were a bit slippery from all the rainwater. The weather improved as we descended and it also got warmer. When we got to reasonably level ground, everyone seemed happier and there was a sense of achievement that everyone had made it to the top of Mount Brandon and arrived down safely again.

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Roisin Curran 4B



When we arrived in Banna, we were divided into 2 different groups - 1 for surfing, 1 for walking on the beach. Tom gave us wet-suits and surf boards and we headed on down the beach. The Instructors showed us how to get on the boards and we got  in the water to catch some waves while still lying on theboardAfter catching a few waves, we got out of the water and the Instructors showed us how to "Pop Up" on the board and stand.We practised this a few times and got back in the water.

After about an hour of this ,  we got out and changed. After lunch, we walked along the beach and had a great chat amongst ourselves about the experience.We were all really tired when it came to getting on the bus to head back to school.

Hollie Boyd and Jennifer Byrne - 4B


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The TY students had the opportunity to do a course in the IT in animation, Games development, film and TV production and music technology.3 students, Emma Pierse, Niamh O'Shea and Aoife O'Mahony who did the animation course made a short film using Stopmotion with the theme " Taking over the World" They attended the Dingle Animation TY awards. They also attended the Transition Year student awards night in The ITT on the 13th of May 2015 and won the overall animation award for their film.


Well done to 3 TY students who took part   in the TY "Young Animator of the Year" awards as part of the Dingle Film Festival. Aoife O'Mahony, Niamh O'Shea and Emma Pierce prepared an animation on the theme of "Taking over the World" and  attended the festival on Thursday 12th March.The girls already took part in a 1-day training workshop in the I.T. on Saturday 13th December.


All students did their Speech and drama exams  - well worth the effort!


Congratulations to the Pres Tralee  teams who  qualified for the last 15 in the National finals and who attended the Oscar-style Youth for Decent Work Award ceremony in the Savoy Dublin, on February 26th hosted by Love Hate actor Aaron Heffernan.Pres Tralee was the only school to have 2 videos in the last 15 and were "nominated" for awards in 2 categories.

 Transition year students Amy Doyle, Lauren Kelly and Jade Diggins created a video on the topic of "A Youth Perspective" which looked at how income inequality can have an impact on teenagers and were nominated for Best Interpretation Shelley Howarth, Caitriona Horgan, Bronwyn Hanafin and Olivia Carmody created "A class on Income Equality” which featured th example of a nurse and a CEO of a major company, comparing their wages and life-styles and were nominated in the Best Acting category. Although there weren't any "Oscars" on the day, our girls did us proud. Congratulations to all and to teacher Ms. O'Connor.

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Reflective Thought

" In winter, I plot and plan.

 In spring, I move."

 Henry Rollins



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