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On Friday the 17th of November 2017, the 3O class held a bake sale in aid of Medicins sans Frontieres - Doctors without Borders. The class divided into a number of committees to fulfill the roles they needed to organise the event. One group went around to all the classes to inform them about the bake sale and displayed posters. The whole class baked lots of goodies such as buns, cakes and brownies. prices raned from 50c to €2. Another committee was in charge of organising the tables etc. in the assembly hall and decorating the area with balloons and banners. The bake sale was a great success as all the baking sold out very quickly.The 3O class had great fun and learned a lot from the experience. 

Nocole Heaphy

Eabha Coffey


Class 3M held on Bake Sale to raise funds for Concern worldwide on Friday 10th of November.

Our class split into a number of different committees: Advertising, Welcoming and thanking, cleaning, Set-up and Baking. We planned everything in advance. The permission committee asked out Principal, Mrs. Kelly for permission to hold the Bake Sale. The Advertising committee made the posters and displayed them around the school to let the students know when the Bake Sale would be on. The Publicity committee announced the Bake Sale over the intercom. The Baking committee organised the baking of all the delicious treats for the students and staff. On the day, the set-up committee organised the tables in the assembly area and the lay-out of the baking. The finance committee dealt with taking the money on the day and giving change and counting the money at the end. Finally the clean-up committee made sure that was left tidy afterwards.

After the Bake sale, Ms. Joanne Arnold from the Concern Worldwide team came to visit us. She spoke about Concern and what it does. She explained to us how it felt to help others and what it is like to work in Concern. She was very thankful and happy. We gave her a cheque of €70 which we raised in the Bake Sale. We received a lovely thank You letter from her afterwards.

Erijona Kryeziu

Irza Munir



Class 3P recently held a bake sale and raffle in aid of the Kerry Hospice. Both were a massive success, and we raised €400 in total.  At the bake sale there was a wide range of delicious food, including gluten free and vegan treats. Everyone in the class came through with absolutely tantalizing confectionary and it was an immense effort not to eat the whole lot before it even reached the tables!                                                                                                                                            

The bake sale was held at eleven o’clock break in the assembly hall. We had three stations set up with green tablecloths and silver and gold balloons around the hall. The bake sale set up committee organized the food on the tables and the finance committee acquired a float from the office. As soon as the bell rang for 11 o’clock break we were mobbed.  We sold all but a few buns well before the end of break and the vegan and gluten free sections went like lightning.                                               

After we had cleaned up after, we held the raffle. There were two vouchers up for grabs, both for €15, one for CH Chemist and the other for Boots. Pauline was the winner of the first prize while the second lucky winner was Adelina Kastrati in 2J.                               

All in all, it was a hugely successful but tiring day.  It was nice to be able to do something different to a normal school day while raising money for a good cause. We would like to thank our CSPE teacher Ms. O’Connell for helping us prepare for the bake sale and giving us advice on how to make sure our bake sale and raffle ran as smoothly as possible.

 Eimear O’Sullivan 3P

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Through their CSPE project work with Mr. O'Sullivan, class 2H raised €181 for Animal Haven, Animal Rescue  by holding a Bake Sale earlier this term. The cheque was presented to Liam from AHAR last week. Well done girls!

ahar comp


An unbelievable amount of €750 was raised by 2L on Friday 27th March for Daniel's Dreams - a fund set-up to help raise funds to help with medical expenses of a little 4 year old boy whose sister is in 2L. Thank you to everyone who bought raffle tickets, cakes and made donations - your generosity will make a huge difference to Daniel.

 Daniel is 4 years old but has severe medical difficulties including Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalous which severely affect his feeding, mobility and speech . This combination of medical conditions means that Daniel requires a huge amount of medical care and equipment , all of which is very expensive.Daniel started playschool in September and has an SNA with him at all times. On Mondays he attends communication class to improve his speech and on Fridays he goes to physio or swimming where he does Hydrotherapy. Daniel loves swimming, music, Peppa Pig, Waybulb, Barney, Elmo and Bear in the Big Blue house.2L hope to raise funds to contribute towards the high cost of the equipment he needs. 

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On Friday November 7th,  3P organised and ran a bake sale in aid of the local branch of St Vincent de Paul. As a result of studying human dignity and the importance of agencies like St Vincent de Paul in CSPE class, the girls selected this worthy charity to fundraise for. €275 euro was raised and a cheque was presented to a representative from St Vincent de Paul.

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On the 13th December, 3N held a Bake sale in aid of the I.S.P.C.C. for their Action project. The Bake Sale was Christmas themed and organised by the fund-raising committee of the class.Musicians from the class played and sang Christmas carols and Santa and Mrs. Claus also paid a visit.A raffle was also held with prizes generously sponsored by Super Valu, That's Perfect, Annbury's and CH chemists.A photographer from The Kerryman newspaper took photos for the local press. The class raised over €250 in total


Students in 3N together with their teacher Ms. Barry, organised a Bake Sale to raise funds for a Charity Organisation "Swif 2 Heal" who work with Autistic children and Adolescents. €250 was raised for this worthy cause.


3O  prepared for a fund-raising bake sale on Wednesday 19th at the 11 O'clock Break.The class  raised  funds for the Chernobyl Children's fund as part of their C.S.P.E. project.

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 In spring, I move."

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