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Art, Craft and Design.

Art is all about the visual expression of your own creativity and spirit. Everybody can learn how to show their own unique response to what they see and feel through drawing, design and craft. The Art Program at Presentation is designed for you to learn skills and then explore how to use them in your own way.


Art in First Year: Junior Cycle Visual Art

            All students take Art in First Year for one double period per week. First Years are introduced to basic Art, Craft and Design skills such as drawing, painting, using colour, photography, stop motion animation, Lettering, graphic design, printmaking, clay and paper mache and visual literacy. Art displays and exhibitions form an important part of school life as the assembly area and the school halls are periodically taken over by First Year art works.  The new Junior Cycle framework for Visual Art applies to the September 2017 class of First Years.

Art in Second Year

            If you choose to study Art in Second year, you will have more class time  to build confidence in your art skills by practice. Through research, evaluation and experimentation with art materials, you will form your own opinions and learn to make good choices. You will work independently and to follow through on your own ideas from concept to finish. You will learn personal responsibility through the safe use of carving tools and how to bring an original idea from concept to realisation. Second years work in clay, wood block printing, paper- mache, paint, charcoal, pastels, mixed media, display skills vocabulary and visual literacy. The existing Junior Certificate in Art, Craft and Design Programme still applies to the September 2017 class Second Years. Students who take Art in Second Year from 2018 onwards will not be doing the Junior Cert Project but be assessed on their work during Second Year and again in Thirds Year.

   Art in Third Year

The existing Junior Certificate in Art, Craft and Design still applies to the September 2017 class of 3rd Years.  The Junior Cert project begins in October of Third year and you have until May to develop three finished pieces: A Painting or Graphic Design; A 3D sculpture and a Craft. Each student chooses a theme and interprets it in her own individual way. You will present all your visual research and development (teasing out ideas and solving technical problems, early sketches and developed drawings from primary sources) displayed on prep and support sheets with each of the finished pieces. The Junior Cert Marking Scheme awards significant marks for the development and individual problem solving as well as for the skilfully made finished pieces. The point is to show that you can think for yourself and work independently. This emphasis on individual expression and independent learning and student led content makes Art a unique subject.

The Junior Cert Art Project and the Drawing Exam are marked by an external examiner and you get all your work back afterwards. Although students use written notation throughout the project, there is no written exam for Art at Junior Cert. The current Junior Cert Project and drawing exam will stay in place for  the current Third years  (JC May 2018) and the current second years (JC May 2019).



As a continuation of their photography studies in 1st year Art at Presentation Secondary Tralee, the 1st year students visited the Ardfert Camera Club’s exhibition in the nearby County Library and invited the club to display their exhibition on the corridors of Pres Tralee. The stunning photographs have drawn huge attention from all the students and staff in the school – not just the first years! On Wednesday 13th of December, members of the camera club, Steve Baker and Dillon Boyer, visited the school to meet with the members of the 1st year camera club committee to discuss the background of some of the photographs selected as favorites by the students. There was also an opportunity  for the visitors to view some of the photographs the 1st years themselves had taken as part of the Art programme earlier this year - particularly those which had a similar theme to those in the exhibition. Members of the 1st year camera club committee include: Amy Corridan, Sadhbh Lowth, Ellie Mason, Sarah Horan, Ria Harmon, Yvonne Hurley, Elizabeth Martins, Angel Quilligan, Cara Grealish, Laura Somers, Taylor Rogers, Haliyah Mulumba, Alice O’Connell, Ellie O’Hanlon, Alysha McQuinn, Grainne Galvin, Rabeea Jahangir, and Hadil Zakrit. Art teachers Lily O'Sullivan and Alan O'Sullivan who coordinated the exhibition spoke of the huge benefit to the students of having such a wide range of professional images available for this week. 


For our Art project, we  first created support studies sheets and prep sheets we were given on the themes of : feelings, animals, the future.

The masks had to correspond with one of the themes. We then put layers of paper mache on basic masks to make them less flexible and stronger. From here, different people used different methods of building onto their masks such as tissue mache, paper mache, wire attachments and cardboard attachments. Once we built up the masks into what we wanted, we painted the masks making the different attachments look like a whole structure.

P1060221 P1060222 P1060223

P1060224 P1060225 P1060227


20170216 110130 comp

1A students have been learning about print-making in their Art classes and some of their work was put on display in the 1st yr area recently – Well done girls! Thanks to Mr. O’Sullivan for coordinating the display


20161208 085413 

We can all remember the wonderful photographic exhibition organised in Pres Tralee by Art teacher Lily O'Sullivan and Ardfert Camera club before Christmas. Each student was asked to critique a picture and a critique of the above photograph was submitted by Hayley in 1E which was subsequently quoted in the January edition of " The Review"  "..It is a close up picture of the cycle of life which makes us treasure the earth we live on ....."    Well done Hayley!


camera club

First year Art students at Presentation Secondary School , Tralee have has the very unique opportunity of a Photographic Exhibition on the walls of their school during the week of December 5th of December. Ardfert Camera Club had their annual exhibition in the County Library until Saturday 3rd of December and very kindly agreed to transfer their photographs to Pres corridors for one week as the exhibition dates clashed with the timetabled school exams. The 1st years at Pres Tralee have a photography project as part of their art course and have already held their own exhibition in the school assembly area so it is a wonderfully complementary exercise to be able to study external photographs. The photographs on display are hugely diverse in theme ranging from portrait to nature, action to architectural. Each student has been asked to select one photograph from the exhibition and prepare a write-up on it in relation to why they selected it, whether it is in landscape of portrait presentation, comment on lighting, distance etc. Representatives of the Ardfert camera club visited the school to speak to the students on Thursday 8th of December.Sincere thanks to the Ardfert Camera club for facilitating this invaluable learning experience.

 20161208 085141 001 20161208 085151

20161208 085418 20161208 101701

20161208 110040


6th year Art students at Pres Tralee are visiting Siamsa on Tuesday 18th of October to attend a talk by David O'Donoghue, co-founder of Stoney Road Press.


5 art 16 comp

5th Year Art students enjoyed a trip to Dublin on Thursday 17th of November visiting IMMA and Stoney Road Press - Fine Art Studio. Thanks to Mr.O'Sullivan and Ms. Foley for accompanying the students on the trip.


A group of 5th year Art students participated in a trip to visit Newgrange and the National Art Gallery on Tuesday 3rd of November. At Newgrange, the students viewed the exterior of the complex and had a guided tour of the interior following a video presentation. As part of the tour, the   lights were turned off to make the students aware of just how dark the interior is and also to see the shaft of light breaking in from the outside. At the National Art Gallery, students also had a guided tour and viewed paintings by Picasso and Claude Monet amongst others. Thanks to Mr. O'Sullivan for organising the trip and to Ms. O'Carroll for accompanying the group as well on the day.


The school shop was transformed this week by 4th year Art students - well done to all! We also have a new Green door in the Assembly area - I'm sure the following means nothing to the artists in question- " Green door - what's that secret you're keeping?!!!

P1020126      P1020129


P1000852    P1000855       P1000859   P1000865

P1000857         P1000863   P1000862   P1000861

P1000866   P1000864   P1000856  


2nd year students did very different self-portraits this year which are making a dramatic dash currently in the Assembly area. The students took a digital photograph of themselves, changed the colours using photoshop, pixilated the picture using photoshop, drew boxes on an A2 sheet and painted in the different colours.

P1000495     art camera 2

P1000496   P1000497   art camera crop

and for the more traditional .......  

P1000500     P1000501


P1000427       P1000428



 Junior Cert Drawing from manmade forms     Junior Cert Drawing from organic forms   

  Prep for painting 1       Completed painting 1     

prep for 3d             completed 3d 1 paper mache Completed painting 2     Completed 3D 2 clay   

Completed 3D 3 mixed media     Completed 3D 4 Clay and paper mache 










Presentation Tralee Art students represented the school at the REVELATION Art Exposition at the IT, Tralee in April.   The Exhibition was opened by Mr. Jimmy Deenihan, T.D. and Minister for the Arts.‘Kerry 2013 Revelation’ was a presentation of how art teachers and students engage with various art forms and visual media.

Second Years exhibited their sculptures (Alan O’Sullivan’s class); 

5th Years exhibited their Stop Motion Animations

TY’s exhibited their Literary Character Masks (Lillie O’Sullivan’s Classes)


 art 1

5th yrs   working on their Stop Motion Animation in Class.

art 2

5th Yrs  recording sound and voice on their Stop Motion animation in Class.

art 3

The Second Year Art students with their sculpture display at the REVELATION Art Exposition at the ITT in April 2013

 art 44

Transition Year students with their display of masks at the REVELATION Art Exposition in Tralee IT in April.

art 5

Art Students from Presentation at the opening of the REVELATION ART Exposition at the ITT in April with the 5th yr. Animations on display.

Reflective Thought

" In winter, I plot and plan.

 In spring, I move."

 Henry Rollins



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