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The Science Department in Presentation is based in 3 laboratories and 1 demonstration room. The Department maintains an excellent standard and  a wide range of equipment and resources.


All students are offered Science at Junior Certificate level with Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Applied Maths being offered at Leaving Certificate level.

1st year students cover a broad introduction to each of the areas - Physics, Chemistry and Biology and Science is an option subject for 2nd and 3rd year.



While the Science Department have the advantage of a large grassland area on the school grounds, Ecology Field trips may also be undertaken to locations such as Tralee Town Park, Killarney National Park, Ballyseedy woods, Fenit seashore.


Project work is incorporated into regular class work - often including a short presentation of material to classmates. The project- work is displayed in the laboratories or social areas.

Students are encouraged to participate in science competitions with entry details regularly displayed on the Science notice-board.


Science for the new Junior cycle course began for 1st years in September 2016.


KEY SKILLS relevant to the new Science Programme include:

  • Managing Myself
  • Being Creative
  • Managing Information and Thinking
  • Working with others
  • Staying Well
  • Communicating
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy

Click on the following links for details of assessment:



Science essentially deals with the knowledge and understanding of our world. The study of science is concerned with the understanding of a body of scientific knowledge and the development of scientific skills through practical activities. It contributes to the development of logical thinking and reasoning, and skills of observation, measurement, interpretation, numeracy, problem solving and decision making.

What will I learn in Science?

3RD YEAR 2017:

The Science course covers the three sciences: Biology,Chemistry and Physics.

Biology is the science of living things. You will learn about

• plants and animals including humans

• the environment and how to care for it.

Chemistry deals with the composition of substances and their properties.You will learn about:

• the materials that make up the world around us

• how materials can change and be changed.

Physics is the science of matter and energy and how they interact.You will learn about:

• forces and energy

• how things work.

What is the Science Junior Certificate exam like?

In Junior Certificate Science you will be examined in 3 ways:

Coursework A - During the three years of the Junior Certificate course you report on the investigations that you carry out in class in a specially designed Inhouse Experiment Report book. These reports count for 10% of your Junior Certificate marks.

Course work B - 2 investigations from 3 topics provided in Physics, Chemistry, Biology to be researched, carried out and written up - 25% of the Junior Cert marks

 Written examination - you will answer questions on the science topics that you have studied and on the skills (e.g. science investigation skills) that you have developed.

 You can take the exam at Higher or at Ordinary level. When the time comes to decide, your teacher will help you choose the level that suits you best.

How will Science be useful to me?

 Many of the skills you learn while studying science such as problem solving and investigation skills are very useful outside of school and will be of use to you in whatever job you choose to do. In third level there are many different types of science courses on offer and many different careers open to science students. These include becoming a: pharmacist, radiographer, doctor, dentist, technician, psychologist, astronomer, teacher, vet and researcher.


IWISH 2018

TY students at Pres Tralee attended the IWISH conference in City Hall Cork on Friday 26th of January.

IWISH (Inspiring Women in Stem) is an initiative to inspire, encourage and motivate young female students to pursue careers in STEM. I WISH featured a conference and interactive exhibitions with workshops, daily keynotes and engaging talks by women and men who have seen the opportunities for a great career in STEM. This event is an amazing opportunity for our science students to see the many and diverse career opportunities available to them through perusing a career in science and the importance of taking STEM subjects at Senior level. Thanks to Science teachers Ms. O’Keeffe, Ms. O Donoghue and Ms. C. O’Mahony for accompanying you on the day.




3rd year students at Pres Tralee attended the BT Young Scientist exhibition on Friday 12th of January in the RDS , Dublin. Leaving Tralee shortly after 6.00a.m and returning to Tralee at 8.30 p.m. it was a long but very enjoyable day.The visit to the BY Young Scientist exhibition  provided the students with  an excellent opportunity to view the projects but also to engage with the many exhibitors and be exposed to the many different career opportunities in the STEM area - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We will be hoping that many of the students will have been inspired by the ideas and energy of those participating this year and will go on to submit entries themselves next year. Thanks to Mr. O'Connell for coordinating the trip and to Science teachers Ms. Foley, Ms. Madigan. Ms C. O'Mahony and Ms. K O'Mahony who travelled with the students on the day.

20180112 151649



2nd year Science students in some classes were partaking in projects before Christmas 2017 in order to prepare for their classroom based assessments in April.The projects on various energy related topics gave the students experience of research during a visit to the computer room, team work, creativity and communication. The posters certainly made for a very colourful display on the corridor! Well done girls!

20171220 124946 

20171220 125038

20171220 125113 

20171220 125213

20171220 130523


All 5th year students enjoyed their Science week quiz on Tuesday afternoon of November 14th. Thanks to coordinating Science teachers Ms. Madigan, Ms. O'Donoghue and Ms. O'Keeffe and a special thanks to all the 5th year teachers who helped with the running of the quiz. Well done to quiz winners Aisling Harty, Cara Segal and Caemnat Moore.

IMG 3349 IMG 3351 IMG 3354

IMG 3356


1st year students attended the "Tomb in the Lab" seminar organised by Kerry County Museum in Tralee Omniplex on Wednesday 15th of November as part of the school's Science week activities. The seminar focused on the 6000 year old Killoclohane Portal Tomb near Milltown  which is the oldest man-made structure in Kerry. The tomb underwent a major excavation and restoration programme in 2015 and the artifacts found have been subjected to intensive scientific scrutiny. The scientific techniques and analysis were the focus of the seminar and it was a really interesting approach to the Science of Archeology - with speakers describing the dig, the information obtained from the bones found on site and efforts to capture ancient DNA from the bone fragments. Thanks to the Science teachers for coordinating the event and accompanying the students.

"Somewhere , something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan ( 1934 - 1996) Astronomer


Pres Tralee was represented by 3 teams of 6th year students at the ISTA Senior Science quiz on Thursday 16th of November in Tralee I.T. Thank you to Emma O'Carroll, Ciara Sookary, Andrea Gergaley, Nora O'Connell, Isabel Horgan, Mary Fitzpatrick, Emma Sheehy, Erika O'Sullivan and Áine O'Sullivan as well as coordinating teachers Ms. O'Donoghue and Ms. O'Keeffe.

P1060562unnamedunnamed 1


There was great pride in Pres Tralee when news was received that 3 students from Pres Tralee who sat their Junior Certificate examinations in June 2017 have been nominated to participate in the National Science Olympiad based on their excellent results in Science and Mathematics. Aisling Harty, Charlotte O’Halloran and Mary O’Connell all received A grades in both subjects. The girls’ Science teachers Kay O’Mahony, Clem O’Keeffe and Rita O’Donoghue extended sincere congratulations and good wishes to the girls as they take on this challenge and will be supporting them as they prepare in coming weeks for the event which will be held in DCU in October and November this year. Maths teachers Margaret O’Connell and Mary Colgan expressed their great pride in their students’ achievements.








MAY 2017

2 teams represented Pres Tralee at the National finals of the Eco-Unesco Young Environmentalist awards on Tuesday 23rd of May in the Mansion House in Dublin. Both teams - " Don't Panic - It's Organic " and "H2OMG" were highly recommended for their projects. Well done to the TY Science students in Ms. O'Keeffe's and Ms. O'Donoghues Classes ans to both teachers who accompanied ye to Dublin on the day along with TY coordinator Ms. O'Mahony.!

IMG 3205 Copy  IMG 3203 Copy


Congratulations to the “ Locally grown is better Known” TY Science project who have reached the National final of the SEAI One Good Idea competition which will be held in Croke park on May 16th. Ciara Boyd, Blaithnaid Cotter, Rebecca Duggan and Eimear Ellard have done a huge amount of work to get to the final 10 post-primary teams in the competition. We wish the girls all the very best of luck in the final preparations.  Check out their displays in the assembly area and the social areas! 

See more of their campaign on Facebook and Instagram on Locally Grown is Better Known ON  Snapchat LGBK17.


Well done to our Science students who came in 3rd in the ISTA Junior Science quiz.


First year science students are being given the opportunity to visit the BT Young Scientist Exhibition on Friday 13th of January.Students must have their money - €27 to cover cost of bus and entry fee  in to Mr. O'Connell  by Friday 16th of December. This is a great chance to see what the Young Scientist is all about and to start getting ideas for next year.Pres Tralee is one of a limited number of schools who have actually won the BT Young Scientist with Emer Jones - a second year student - winning in 2008.Other Pres Tralee students have also won category prizes and all posters are on display on the science corridor so take a look!



Huge congrats to all the TYs in Dublin at the Eco-Unesco Young Environmentalist Awards -  “ If your Dog poops, you scoop” won the Waste category and also the OVERALL SENIOR PRIZE!!!!!!! Well done girls and Ms. O'Donoghue. Transition Year Science students at Presentation Secondary School Tralee have now won 2 categories at the Eco-Unesco Young Environmentalist Awards in the Mansion House in Dublin on Wednesday 18 May. “Out with Japanese Knotweed” by Ms. O'Keeffe's group also won the Biodiversity category.  Both groups have been extremely active in raising awareness of these issues in Tralee town and surrounding areas in recent months, have had massive media campaigns, fund-raising campaigns and a lot of poop-scooping so they definitely deserve their successes.

IMG 1868 1

IMG 1859

IMG 1860

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Well done to the following 3rd year students who represented Presentation Secondary School, Tralee at the Kerry ISTA Junior Science quiz on Thursday 10th of March: Kate Mulgrew, Kelly Flannery, Orla Goodwin, Jennifer Hanafin, Claudia Ward, Ciara Lynch, Áine Rice and Zara Riaz. While the girls didn’t get into the top 3, they scored very well and got a lot of Science revision done!

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20160310 200441 resized



This week (22nd – 26th February) I attended the BEES TY program the school of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences in UCC. I really enjoyed my week here and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the environmental side of science.

Being from Kerry, I was quite nervous at first to come as I thought everyone would know each other but this was not the case and everyone on the course was very friendly. I wasn’t sure what it would be like or if I would even be interested in what was going on but I found it to be a great experience of what college life is like and what type of courses I am interested in.

Over the course of the week we did had lectures on topics like geology, zoology, marine biology, plant science, environmental science and ecology, we also did a number of practical’s. My favourite lecture was the zoology lecture we had. We got a general overview of what studying zoology at UCC would be like and then we focused in on the aquatic side, doing a practical with sea urchins. I also enjoyed the marine biology lecture we got where we learned about life in the sea and how global warming is effecting certain species of animals.

On Tuesday we got a tour of the ERI where we learned about the work they do there and we were able to ask the scientist there questions about the type of work they were doing and what courses and subjects they did to get into the job they were in. One man was working on a way to use methane gas in a productive way.

We also got a tour of the main UCC campus and the library there. We learned about the history of the college and got to see the oldest book they had in their library.

On Thursday we got a talk on invasive plant species which I found very interesting. We were shown type of plant species that was brought into Ireland that had covered the bottom of Corrib Lake and had killed all its fish.

We also did bird ringing where we caught birds and were shown how they track them in the wild. They told us how each bird has a unique voice and how they can identify familiar bird’s voices.

Over all I loved my week at BEES and I can definitely see myself pursuing a career in one of these fields.

Aoife Dillane 


All 3 Science classes are currently involved in Science projects: Ms. O'Donoghue's class are involved in Eco Unesco with their project " "If your dog Poops, YOU SCOOP" ( details from a member of the group below) , Ms. O'Keeffe's class are doing a project on Japanese Knotweed - an incredibly invasive plant species - also for Eco Unesco and Ms. O'Mahony's group have been selected to participate in the SEAI Power of One project with "AIMS to Greener Fashion" More details of these to come. All students are showing great enthusiasm and have fantastic ideas on raising awareness of their particular topics and we wish them well in their respective competitions. 

 "If your dog Poops, YOU SCOOP"

We are Ms O’ Donoghue’s transition year class and we feel that dog waste is a HUGE problem in our town.  We are participating in The Young Environmentalist Awards run by Eco Unesco, an environmental agency and we decided to base our project on this problem.  Our aim is to promote the picking up of dog waste and to get more dog waste bins and bags available in Tralee.  We also hope that our project will inform people about the many environmental dangers of dog waste.

The first thing we had to do was research. So as part of our field research, the class walked the Lee Valley Walkway (behind the Aqua dome) and the Canal, two of the major dog walking spots in Tralee Town. We were appalled by what we saw to say the least.  As we walked every ten steps there was a pile of dog waste! We decided to pick up some dog waste as part of our field research but found here was only one bin available which we had already passed so we had the bring the waste all the way back to the school for Colm to throw away. We also walked the Town park and found the same problem to we decided that we needed to take action.

As part of our awareness raising campaign, we printed out facts and stuck them around the school, created social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram , ran a poster competition in the local primary schools and met up with a few local celebrities including our own amazing Norma Foley,  James O’ Donoghue and Darran O’ Sullivan..Our design a mascot competition was extremely successful with C.B.S Primary School taking the winning prize and now we have a mascot we will continue to use throughout our campaign.

poop darren          logo           poop 2 nf

We held our Awareness Day on the 22nd of January and it was a HUGE success! We were overwhelmed by  the support we received from the public on the day as we took surveys, gave out doggy bags, custom made stickers with our mascot  and facts about dog fouling.  The results of our surveys will be out in the local newspapers very soon so keep an eye out!

The ‘If Your Dog Poops, YOU SCOOP’ crew will continue monitoring the problem of dog waste and are in talks with the council. We plan to put up a display in the main council building and get some more bins around the town of Tralee in the near future!  So keep updated with our campaign on our facebook page ‘If Your Dog Poops, YOU SCOOP’.

Nela Budayova 


TY students had a talk on Friday 27th of November from Ms. Orlaith Brennan, a Bio-medical engineer and lecturer at the Royal College of Surgeons. Orlaith spoke of her own educational journey through the Science Technology Engineering and Maths sector and the qualifications that brought her to her current position as well as the various aspects of research she has been involved with. Later in the afternoon , the girls had a talk on the EcoUnesco project competition that many of them are entering.Thanks to the TY Science teachers Ms. O'Donoghue and Ms. O'Keeffe  for coordinating the talks.


Thanks to everyone who participated in the events last week! !st years got a second chance at the observation test on Friday and Muireann White of 1E was drawn at random for a prize from the correct entries. More pictures in the gallery.

Thanks also to Science week Ireland for the goodies to distributeT

Thursday 12th November

2nd years enjoyed the CSI workshop at Thursday lunchtime:

P1020483 P1020480

2 Teams of  Leaving Cert. students participated in the ISTA senior science quiz in the IT South Campus on Thursday 12th of November 2015. Although the girls didn't make it into the top 3 teams, it was a very closely fought contest so well done to : Hannah O'Connor, Ailbhe Foley, Anna Farrell, Mairead Dowling, Alice Jaeger and Niamh Callaghan. Thanks to Ms. O'Donoghue for  accompanying the girls on the night. 

IMG 1693 IMG 1694

Wednesday - 11th November

Science week activities continued with an exercise for 1st years at lunch time about their powers of observation in relation to school environment - amazing to see how we miss little details of our school even though we walk past them every day! The 3rd year science quiz was held after lunch with 6 rounds of questions, a crossword on chemicals, apicture round as well as a round of scientific dingbats on element names. Well done to all students on a very highly scored quiz with winners as follows:

1st: Tasnem Ali , Ciara Boyd, Caemnat Moore and Ciara Finn.

2nd: Orla Goodwin, Jennifer Hanafin, Kelly Flannery and Kate Mulgrew

3rd: Allana Collins, Andrea Gergaly, Jessica Stephenson and Caludia Ward.

Thanks to teachers Ms. O'Keeffe, Ms. O'Donoghue and Mr. Burke for all the admin assistance.


P1020476 comp

P1020475 comp

Friday 6th November

Science week  in Pres Tralee began with the Skydome Planetarium on Friday 6th November. Initially 3 shows were planned for TYS and 1st years but there was so much interest by the 1st years- albeit at last minute-  that it was necessary to put on an extra show!! Huge thanks to Derek for facilitating this at very short notice. The Skydome mobile planetarium allows students to interact with the planets, stars, galaxies and other objects in the universe through a full 360 degree view of the night sky during school hours. Judging by the exclamations heard outside the dome the students certainly enjoyed the experience and quizzing in class afterwards by science teachers highlighted how much the students had actually learned from the show.

P1020452 comp P1020451 comp

The Science dept. are very grateful to Colm for facilitating setting up and clearing the Skydome in the Assembly area - Míle Buiochas!


Events planned as follows:

Skydome Planetarium - Friday 6th - TYS and 1st years.

Annual 3rd year Science quiz - Wednesday 11th

CSI workshop - Thursday 12th.



The annual quiz will be held on Thursday 12th of November at 7.30 in the IT south Campus. Students participating would need to be doing at least 2 of the science subjects and those interested should let their teachers know before tHE mid-term so as to prepare.



Investigate and compare the quantitative effects of changing (a) the duration of light physical exercise and (b) the time elapsed since the exercise stopped on the pulse rate of a person.


Investigate and compare the quantitative effects of changing (a) the rhubarb surface area and (b) the temperature of solution on the rate of reaction (measured by noting time for decolorisation of solution) between the oxalic acid in rhubarb and dilute potassium permanganate solution (acidified with sulfuric acid).


Investigate and compare the quantitative effects of changing (a) the pendulum length and (b) the mass of the pendulum bob on the period (time of oscillation) of a simple pendulum oscillating through a small angle.  

Note: Students must complete 2 of these investigations. Both the practical work and the write-up will be done in class under teacher supervision 


Congratulations to Muireann Moriarty of TY who has been chosen to participate in the selection of students for the European and International Science Olympiads. This achievement is  based on Muireann's excellent results in Science and Maths in her Junior Cert. Congratulations also to teachers Ms. K O'Mahony and Ms. Margaret O'Connell. We wish Muireann every success in the next phase of the process.

P1020443 comp




Isabel O'Donoghue and Bláthnaid O'Connor represented Pres Tralee at the Eco Unesco awards last Wednesday in Dublin with their project entitled " Whacky Water ". While they didn't win any prizes on the day , to be accepted was a great achievement so well done girls. Thanks to your Science teacher Ms. O'Donoghue for mentoring and accompanying you on the day.

eco unesco 1 comp  ecounesco 2 comp


6TH Year Chemistry students had a very valuable visit from UCC- “Spectroscopy in a suitcase” an excellent practical in analytical instrumentation. The RSC's Spectroscopy in a Suitcase scheme is an outreach activity which gives school students the chance to learn about spectroscopy through hands-on experience. As well as covering the principles of spectroscopic techniques, the activities use real-life contexts to demonstrate the applications of the techniques. The kits are hosted by Universities and events are delivered by University staff and students, so have a strong emphasis on encouraging school pupils to consider studying chemistry and the career opportunities available.

Many thanks to Chemistry teachers Ms. O’Donoghue and Mr. Brennan for organising and facilitating the visit

FullSizeRender  FullSizeRender 1

FullSizeRender 3  FullSizeRender 4


4 teams of students represented Pres Tralee at the ISTA Junior Science quiz on Thursday 26th March. 

Team 1: Nela Budayova, Mary Fitzpatrick, Sarah Tansley, Ciarda Supple

Team 2: Vivien Ahern, Roisin Curran, Elizabeth Meehan, Emma Smith

Team 3: Kate Moore, Rukudso Nhewyembwa, Sophie Knightley, Yvette Daly

Team 4: Aoife Dillane, Anna Sheehy, Ciara Sookary, Emma Sheehy.

While the girls didn't come in the top 3, it was a great experience and an opportunity to get some valuable revision in!

Well done girls and thanks to teachers Ms. O'Donohue and Ms. O'Mahony who accompanied ye on the night.

20150326 185503 1 20150326 185541 resized 1

20150326 185558 resized 1 20150326 185702 resized 2


Following on from a traditional  Acid Base titration using Indigestion tablets and a a titration using the data-logging equipment, TYs used the acid and carbonate reaction to make " Lava Lamps" to great effect!

P1010453 P1010452  P1010450


Ciara Begley of Transition year  represented Presentation Tralee at this year's BT Young Scientist competition. All TY students prepared a project proposal as part of their TY coursework in Science and a number went on to enter the BT competition but were not accepted. Ciara got a last minute call just before the Christmas holidays and bravely, with a couple of weeks to go, decided to accept the challenge of preparing a project in 2 weeks instead of the usual 2 months! "Does Physical training cause injuries?" is the title of Ciara's project and  is looking at  the importance of warm-ups and warm-downs in GAA football and hurling, the type of injuries players get during training, the amount of time spent training, the numbers of teams players play on etc.

cb btys2015


 Lots of activities as usual for Science week 2014 – a mixture of in-class activities, Year group quizzes, bridge-building by TYS and another visit from the Planetarium which was such a success last year.


P1010186   P1010183

Well done to all the 3rd years who participated in their Annual Science Week table quiz on Tuesday 10th November. With 7 rounds of questions including a Chemical crossword, Picture round and Dingbats for the elements, sound levels were hard to control as students got to grip with all sorts of topics - excellent revision for all. The correctors were very impressed with the high scoring and in the end 2 teams had to do a tie-break round for 1st and 2nd places. It was amazing too how many students knew what was used in experiments on self-control - if you don't know look it up  - Hint - Pink and fluffy! Thank you to teachers Mrs. O'Mahony, Mrs. O'Keeffe, Mrs. O'Donoghue and Mr. Flannery for organising the event. Congratulations to the teams below:

 1st: Anna Sheehy, Aoife Dillane, Maedbh Pierse, Emma Sheehy

 2nd: Nora O'Connell, Rachel McCarthey, Isobel Horgan, Muireann Moriarty.

 3rd: Aine O'Sullivan, Erica O'Sullivan, Rachel O'Flaherty, Roisin O'Connell.

  P1010194  P1010193

  P1010192  P1010190


Congratulations Claire Crowley, Aneta Gaxha and Geena Godley who came 3rd in the ISTA Senior Science quiz in Tralee IT on Thursday 13th November. These girls won the Junior ISTA quiz when in Junior cert so it's great to see their interest and knowledge of science continue. Well done also to Agnieska Urbaniak, Eden Abrahams, Sarah Barry, Aisling Leen, Orna Foley, Patriz Brosnan who also participated on the night.

3rd 2014

IMG 3927 1   IMG 3929

Science week activities continued on Friday 14th with the 2nd year Science Quiz in the afternoon and the Skydome Planetarium in the morning for Transition years and 1st years.

P1010209  P1010208

P1010212  P1010213  P1010214

All students were also given Science week goodies - rulers and pencils etc. -  thanks to SCIENCE WEEK IRELAND for these!


P1010327    P1010332

Recent reports  indicate concern over the number of female students who are taking up sciences which will allow them to take up future positions in the Science and Technology sector.Being Science week, we remind everyone that students at Pres Tralee can take all the Sciences at Senior level - Physics, Chemistry and Biology - as well as Higher level Mathematics and Applied Maths.The vast majority of our Junior students take Science as a subject - which is essential if they wish to pursue senior science subjects. In recent weeks, the Transition year students have been participating in an Engineering module with Mr. Flannery where they apply concepts such as forces, levers, centre of gravity and pressure to design and build a Bridge from recyclabe materials which must be able to support the weight of model cars having also researched the  different types of bridges. The models are on display in Lab 3 - well done to all. More details on the TY page.

P1010196   P1010204


 Emer Jones, BT Young Scientist 2008, returned to Pres on Thursday 4th September to encourage Transition years to participate in the Young Scientist competition and other Science competitions this year. Emer outlined how much fun the whole experience was but also the importance of all the skills she developed while working on her project and how they were of great help in securing her place in Cambridge where she is studying Physics. Many thanks Emer.

Full details for the Young Scientist are available on or from your Science teacher.Closing date for entries is October 1st.

APRIL 2014

The ISTA Junior Science quiz took  place on Thursday 10th April at 7.00 p.m. in the I.T. South Campus. Pres Tralee entered  3 teams of 4 for the quiz and while the girls didn't get into the top 3 teams they were very close in what was the closest Junior Science quiz in many years with repeated tie-breaks needed to separate the top 3 teams - only losing out by a couple of marks so well done to all. Thank you  to everyone who expressed interest in entering and who did the quick selection quiz. The girls who represented the school were: Maedbh Pierce, Olivia Carmody, Jennifer Byrne, Caitriona Horgan, Bronwyn Hanafin, Katie Ahern, Aoife O'sullivan, Ciara Dennehy, Aoife O'Mahony, Leona Stack, Ciara O'Reagan and Lucy Mc Grath. Thanks to teachers Ms. O'Mahony, Ms. O'Donoghue and Ms. Galvin who accompanied the girls on the night.

J SCI Q 14 GRP       J SCI Q 14 1

J SCI Q 14 2     J SCI Q 14 3


Several science classes were able to avail of a visiting Science Magic show in Lab 1: "Big and Bold, Hot and Cold"!

The "Burning fiver" activity captured Elena Barry's attention - particularly as she donated the paper money!: The Presenter had 3 cups, 2 pieces of paper amd my fiver. She said the cups were filled with water.She dunked each piece of paper into a different cup and then tried to light them. The first piece of paper went up in flames, the second didn't ignite at all. My fiver went on fire but didn't burn at all (Whew!)

P1000470   P1000471    P1000475   P1000476

P1000477       P1000482  P1000487


 Sinead Sheehan, Rebecca O'Neill and Kate Shannon , 4th year,  are representing Pres at the first round of the Eco Unesco competition on March 13th with a project titled "Ear to the Ground" - aimed at raising awareness of the effects of recent weather events and disease on the trees in Tralee town park. 6 of the oldest and most significant beech trees in the park had to be cut down due to a disease called Meriplus giganteus that attacks the barks of trees killing them and making them a threat to other trees in the park. The girls wish to tell people about the disease but also to educate people on the benefits that trees provide to ourselves and the environment. To create awareness the girls decided to perform a play to first years. In order to make the whole school community aware of the project the girls designed a huge poster to be displayed in the Assembly hall. The poster shows all the information relating to the project. The girls have named the 6 trees after inspirational  people who have died in recent years : Donal Walsh, Seamus Heaney, Neil Armstrong, Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker and Maeve Binchy. The girls have also notified local media about their "Ear to the Ground "project.



Congratulations to Aoife Sheehan and Hannah O'Connor of 4th year who represented the school so well on the 12 of March at a meeting in Dublin with representatives of the Health and Safety Authority and the National Poisons centre.The girls were invited to discuss the findings of the survey work they did as part of their BT Young Scientist project on "The dangers of Household Chemicals to young children" and those present were most impressed with the amount of work the girls did as part of their project. A poster that the girls designed  for display in locations like Doctor's surgeries may be used by the Poisons centre in the future.

hsa 1 comp     hsa2


2nd year Science students were taken to a talk in Siamsa Tíre on  Energy:

When we got to Siamsa it was absolutely packed with very good reason - it was a very interesting talk indeed. During the talk we heard all about Hydro-electric power, morse code and even lighting a light bulb using a lemon instead of a battery! Several volunteers were called up on to the stage at various points during the show to put their hands on a machine that made their hair stand up, to generate electricity while cycling a bike, to send morse code messages etc.

Some key facts:

  • 48% of Ireland is powered by Gas
  • Clouds rub off each other to produce electricity
  • It would take 75 million people cycling at the same time to power Ireland
  • It would take 40 people cycling to boil a kettle
  • It would take 110 people cycling to power a shower.
  • Most of our electricity in Ireland is generated by burning fossil fuels
  • The dam at Ard na Crusha powered the entire country of Ireland when it was first built but now gives less than 10% of our electricity.

All in all it was a brilliant show and we learned loads!

Muireann Moriarty and Kate Moore


Thanks to Past-pupil Emer Jones - BT Young Scientist winner 2008 - who spoke to students interested in participating in Scifest this year. Hannah and Aoife who participated in BYTS this year also showed students their poster and report book as well as outlining their project. Students were provided with a template to help them plan their project and encouraged to get working on it as soon as possible.


Jan 2014: Interested Students should now start  deciding on ideas and planning their work if they wish to enter Scifest 2014 which will be held in Tralee I.T. on Thursday 8th May. Closing Date Friday 7th March.

Any competition such as this involves 4 main steps: Think of an idea to work on:  What do you want to find out? How will you research/investigate/ find out? What did you learn?

Each project must then have 3 key parts in terms of presentation:

  1. A Poster display -  Large Heading, typed contents, photographs if applicable, easy to read - bullet points best.
  2. A Report Book - Introduction - including an introduction to participants, Summary, Method, Results/Observations, Conclusions, References / Sources of Information - e.g. books, websites, Correspondance - letters/e-mails etc., Acknowledgments
  3. Oral Account of Project to Judges.


Congratulations to Aoife Sheehan and Hannah O'Connor of Transition year who displayed one of only two  projects from Kerry at the BT Young Scientist competition between January 8th and 11th.

Aoife  and Hannah  have been researching the nature of the chemicals used in most homes, their chemical composition and pH, storage in the home in comparison to a Lab or workplace situation, hazard symbols etc. as well as talking to medical professionals about the types of incidents that occur when children mistake these chemicals for sweets,  drinks etc. The girls carried out an extensive survey of parents and general members of the public in Manor West as part of the project and found that most people did not know what the hazard symbols meant which is quite worrying. Another issue that they learnt about was the dangers in mixing certain household chemicals – certain products when mixed give off chlorine gas which is quite toxic. The  Public Health related project went down well with the Judges and the general public. Lots of parents had their eyes opened as they saw the similarities between the colours and size in a "Deadly Mix" of dishwasher tablets and a "Jelly Mix" of favourite sweets such as Poached Eggs!

There was a lot of interest in the girls' project from concerned parents and their children who were indeed tempted by the "Deadly Mix"! Past winner Emer Jones was also on hand to give the girls advice and encouragement.


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P1000374       P1000375


Investigate and compare the effects of pH on the catalytic effect of the enzyme 
catalase, found in (a) celery and (b) animal liver, on the rate of breakdown of 
hydrogen peroxide. 
Investigate and compare how the solubilities, in water, of (a) potassium chloride and 
(b) sodium carbonate (anhydrous) change with temperature. 
Investigate and compare how the rates of flow of powdered or granulated solids 
through a funnel are affected by (a) the size of the solid particles and (b) any one of 
the funnel dimensions. 


  • 2 of the above to be completed by each student.
  • All work and writing up will be completed in school under Teacher supervision
  • Each investigation is worth 12.5%.
  • Closing Date for submission is FRIDAY 11TH APRIL 2014


All students must make sure their Science experiment book is fully completed to be eligible for the 10% allocated to it.

Pres Tralee students won the I.S.T.A. Kerry Branch Senior quiz last year and  2 Senior teams took part again in the Kerry round on Thursday 14th November 2014  which had a very exciting finish. 3 teams tied for 2nd place and it took 2 rounds of tie-break questions to separate out the teams. Pres eventually got 3rd place but with just 1 mark behind the 2nd team, it was a very close finish. This team   - Claire Healy , Zoe Newsome McDonnell and Keeva O'Sullivan - now go on to the national finals of the Irish Science Teachers Association Senior quiz in Trinity College Dublin on November 30th. A second team also participated - Caoimhe Healy, Katie Stack and Niamh Cleary . Thank you to these girls for participating and thanks to Ms. O'Donoghue for preparing both teams.


The SkyDome mobile planetarium visited Pres Tralee on Wednesday 20th November. Students and staff arrived in to find the Assembly area taken over by an enormous black dome. During the day different groups visited the dome where digital projection onto the roof of the dome enabled students to grasp astronomy concepts instantly when they see the “Sky” on the 360 degrees dome. The presenter of the show introduced students to planets, stars, galaxies and other objects in our universe. Thanks to Caretaker Colm for organising the furniture removal and Mr. O'Sullivan for helping provide a scale of height for the photo!


BT YOUNG SCIENTIST  - October 2013

 Congratulations to Hannah O'Connor and Aoife Sheehan , Transition year  whose project has been accepted by the BT Young Scientist for 2014.

P1000100 comp


 Congratulations to Sarah-Jo Lynch, Sarah Barry , Sinead Sheehan and Aisling Clarke of 3N who came 3rd in the ISTA Junior Science Quiz on Thursday 21st March. It was a very exciting finish with 2 rounds of tie-break questions to sort out the leading teams.3 other teams represented the school very well also.While Pres Tralee had to return the Perpetual trophy won last year , with high-scoring students like these it won't be long before it returns!


 3 groups of students represented the school at Tralee I.T. on Friday 12th April.

"Bags or Backs?"

Shelley Howarth

Catriona Horgan

Bronwyn Hanafin

These students investigated the weight of school  bags from a range of years in the school, researched the correct type of school bag and how to wear it properly as well as making suggestions as to possible alternatives to carrying such heavy bags around.

Ciara O'Reagan

Maedbh Pierce

The girls focussed on teenage obesity and what the factors are that make teenagers make unhealthy choices such as TV over exercise! Not good Press for all that time using Social media either!

Sinead McSwiney

Shelley Stack

Aisling Gutteridge


Winning the overall BT Young Scientist award in 2008 and second prize at the European Union Young Scientist competition had a huge impact on the attending students and has led to further success in BTYS- winning various awards in different categories and the Fr. Tom Burke Bursary award in 2012.


Students won the overall Scifest award in U.L. in 2008, in I.T. Tralee in 2009 and second overall in 2010.


Transition years have also reached the final of the Power of One Awards.





Mr. O'Connell/Mrs. O'Mahony/Mrs. Galvin class Groups

1st Place:

Ciara O'Reagan

Maedbh Pierse

Laura O'Connell

Olivia Carmody

2nd Place:

Lauren McGaley

emma Campbell

Ciara Dennehy

Lauren Healy

Dates: 11th - 15th November


Thursday 14th November in Tralee I.T. South Campus

Students interested in participating should contact their Science teacher - doing at least 2 Science subjects at Higher Level an advantage.



  • Theme: Images of Tralee Town Park – Autumn 2013
  • Print the photograph – 5x7
  • Write your name and class on the back (NB photographs may not be returned!)
  • Give to Mr. O’Connell by Friday 8th November

Display during Science Week!





Reflective Thought

" In winter, I plot and plan.

 In spring, I move."

 Henry Rollins



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